Student Life is a Multi-Award Winning Charity. 

For and By Students in Suffolk, Focusing on Themes Important to Them. 

Content is based on 12 core subjects: BEAUTY, CAREERS, ENTERTAINMENT, FASHION, FINANCE, FOOD, HEALTH (physical, mental & sexual), MY LIFE, TECH & TRAVEL. We tackle areas highlighted by the students such as stigma and media stereotypes surrounding mental health, body image and bullying. Student Life allows students across Suffolk to make their voices heard through print, online and via interactive workshops. 

We reach 1000’s of students across countywide educational venues and have students actively participating in editorial, design and content planning.

The Team

richard stewart


rachel gilbey


leanne arnold



Carla wiggins
Production Manager


lou richardson
business development manager


louise dickman
trustee & co-editor


rosie may


tommy curry
EXECUTIVE director & co-editor


The Vision


To advance in life and help young people through: 

Advancing education by contributing to and participating in the production of a periodic lifestyle publication and accompanying short films, upskilling young people through the entire print and digital productions process  

Providing support and activities which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals

We offer collaboration on our projects to young people in Suffolk’s high schools, colleges and the University, along with ensuring inclusion for all young people by engaging students in Alternative Provision (AP) settings, including Pupil Referral Units (PRUs).


Accessibility is the main reason students tell us that they collaborate with the project; to promote a peer-to-peer organisation covering a broad range of relatable topics. Some of the issues covered within these topics may not have been seen otherwise; as young people tell us they are less likely to pick up a dedicated mental health magazine for example. Student Life provides the benefit of young people being exposed to difficult and stigmatised topics they may otherwise have been too embarrassed or unable to seek advice about. Sharing this content aims to normalise difficult subjects.


The positive effect is not only seen by the end users who gain knowledge and learn that there are others facing similar issues as them, but also extends to upskilling young people contributing throughout the entire production process - whether that be print, digital or film; by exploring their creativity, use of English language, design skills and teamworking - all whilst experiencing a professional environment. We acknowledge that times have changed and that young people predominately use digital platforms for information gathering and engagement. However, month after month the reasons we also offer a print platform are reinforced.  

Ensuring that governance is led by students, over 25 students sit on the Student Life steering group and board members of the Charity include the former president of the University of Suffolk’s Students’ Union, a 3rdyear Mental Health Nursing university student and a graduate of Kesgrave High School Sixth Form, now a first year student at the University of Surrey.