Student Life is a lifestyle publication, produced in print and digital form, with its content driven by and written by Suffolk students. 

Student Life was the brainchild of experienced publications editor Richard Stewart and shortly after conceiving the idea, Richard was joined in the editing suite by the University of Suffolk Students’ Union President Rachel Gilbey, giving full support of the University’s student population.

In mid-2017, Student Life held its first steering group meeting at the Uni and another first steering group meeting was held at Kesgrave High School’s 6th Form.  The choice to involve a local 6th Form alongside the Uni was both ground-breaking and vital. If Student Life was to continue to evolve in to a ‘go-to’ lifestyle publication for students, then those students who were due to take their first steps towards Uni life should also be consulted and more importantly, involved in content. What better way to look at the overall picture of life as a 16+ student?

One of the first questions put to all attendees of the steering groups, centred around the topics that had been chosen to be covered initially by the editorial team. Were these topics valid, were they indeed topical & relevant and were they all encompassing?

BEAUTY, FASHION, FINANCE, HEALTH (PHYSICAL, MENTAL & SEXUAL), TECH & TRAVEL were unanimously agreed as core topics and these subjects now form the backbone of the publication.

On to the strategy then.

The importance of having a student magazine that was ‘content led’ and written by the students themselves wasn’t lost on anybody and this vital element will run throughout.

From school years 12 & 13 onwards, students are actively encouraged to get involved and work on a project that will be both beneficial to their development and will look great on their CV’s!

Where else would students get to work with an outside organisation and truly have an effect on the content, design, production & distribution of a high-profile and well-known print & digital brand?

The future looks bright & certain and the editorial team is thrilled with what it is achieving and the support that it is providing to local students – traditional & mature - and of course, the support that those students will provide to us!

 richard stewart, student life

Richard Stewart, Editor

 student life, rachel gilbey

Rachel Gilbey, Co-editor
& SU President