Suffolk Constabulary

Our latest strategic partnership, sees Student Life join forces with Suffolk Constabulary.

 suffolk constabulary, ipswich police officer

Several weeks ago, I held a first meeting with Sergeant Darren Oxbrow, from Suffolk Constabulary’s Children & Young Person and Schools Engagement Team; part of the wider Community Safety Team based at Landmark House in Ipswich.

We chatted over a coffee in the Salthouse about my plans for the publication and in particular, the work that was already underway surrounding tackling the stigma of discussing student mental health.  Having gone on to discuss the first processes of producing a mental health film to be delivered to students, Darren was excited about the whole concept and we said our goodbyes, with the promise of a follow-up meeting and some potential funding from the Police.

True to his word, Darren delivered on a reunion and on match-funding and we are now delighted to welcome Suffolk Constabulary as one of Student Life’s strategic partners.  The collaboration was sealed with the joint desire to want to reach out to a young adult demographic and really make a difference in providing help, support & advice, but most importantly by providing a platform for peer to peer mental health advice.

Darren elaborated;  “Suffolk Police are delighted to be working in collaboration with Student Life and other partners on a new project within Ipswich, which is focused on mental health and supporting young people so there is a better understanding of the issue.  We want to encourage young people to have the confidence to talk about their problems with the belief that they will be listened to, and that appropriate support will be available.  Suffolk Police are committed to supporting young people to ensure they have a safe place to talk about issues relating to their mental health”.

The next few weeks and months will see a huge amount of work undertaken by our two teams and I am looking forward to reporting on progress.  Readers will also see a lot more of Darren’s team’s work in print and online as he becomes a regular contributor to our publication.