Where's Your Head At?

Where’s Your Head At? is one of a number of Societies based at the University of Suffolk.  With a primary focus on mental health, the Society also focuses on general wellbeing; aiding students & staff with additional issues such as stress or even loneliness, through events and socials.

The Where’s Your Head At? society was founded in September 2016, and was formed after realising the mental health services being provided in some universities across the UK were not adequate. The main aim of the Society in its first year was to raise awareness of mental ill health and to try and reduce the stigma around mental health disorders. In September 2017, a new committee was voted in with new views and aims for the WYHA? Society. The new aims were for the Society to become a safe place for students to come and talk about their own mental health stories, and to share tips on their personal coping mechanisms. The Society can also provide pathways to mental health organisations and the mental health services within the University. The new committee, like the committee of 2016/17, also feels that mental health awareness is important and wish to continue to be a catalyst of change for the way mental health is perceived and treated, at the University, as well as the local area. 

In addition, we aim to provide a permanent safe space for those in need; that is run in conjunction with the Where’s Your Head At? Society and the University of Suffolk’s counselling service.

The work we have carried out since the Society was founded has been mostly campaigning and raising awareness for mental ill health and trying to reduce the stigma around it. We have also worked on building partnerships with the Student Services at the University of Suffolk, 

Student Life; and with the Vice Chancellor of the University, Richard Lister. We have hosted different events such as a coffee afternoon and a film night in collaboration with the Film society. The Where’s Your Head At? Society successfully advertised and signposted different talks provided by the Suffolk Psychology Society, which we found could make a difference to student’s lives. Last year’s committee members also completed the two-day Adult Mental Health First Aid course by MHFA England, which was held at the University of Suffolk. This course allowed the committee members, and everyone who attended, to be able to understand different mental health conditions and how to help individuals during a crisis.

The new committee for Where’s Your Head At? consists of the President, Ashleigh Morton, the Secretary, Rebecca Hudson and the Treasurer, Madeleine Norris. Ashleigh is a third-year Psychology and Early Childhood Studies student and was the Vice President of the Society for the previous year. She felt that the society should play a more active role when it comes to the management of mental health conditions of students at the University of Suffolk, and therefore ran for the position of President at the society’s Annual General Meeting.  Ashleigh is currently working on her dissertation which is investigating how the mental health services at the University of Suffolk could be improved for students. The secretary, Rebecca Hudson is a third-year Digital Film Production student. As someone who suffers from mental health issues, Rebecca wanted to help other students going through similar situations. Rebecca wants to promote mental health awareness through campaigning and her films. Last year, she produced a film regarding her experience with depression. The treasurer, Madeleine Norris, is a first-year Accounting and Financial Management student. Maddie wishes to make mental health a topic that individuals are not scared to talk about and use her experiences with different mental health conditions to help others in their journey to recovery.

Where’s Your Head At? is planning to host many different events over the next 6 weeks, including our weekly social meet-ups; where both members and non-members can meet us at the Cult Café every Wednesday from 6-7pm and Thursday from 1-3pm. Come to relax, have some food or a drink and a chat, we look forward to seeing you there! We will be providing a different activity at our socials each fortnight such as card games; board games; tip sharing, sharing of different self-care books, fictional books, and discussions about different TV shows. The Society will be holding informal mindfulness sessions every Thursday between 6-7pm, this will include mindfulness meditation and art therapy. The location and starting date for these sessions will be confirmed at a later date. Feel free to talk to the committee members regarding anything and we will try to point you in the right direction and support you in any way we can. For more information regarding our events and regular updates, please like and follow our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/WYHAUOS.