A Beautiful Year

We’ve witnessed many makeup trends filter through as the year has gone by. Some of them worse than others! However, it starts to make us wonder what weird and wonderful trends will appear in the makeup world in 2018...


One of my favourite trends, on the humorous side, was the Feather Brow trend. This trend saw people parting their brows straight through the middle and feathering them upwards and downwards. Very strange and not a trend that caught on!

Another rather strange trend to bless our Instagram feeds was the Braided Brows. Although these looked prettier, it still didn’t seem possible unless you had very long eyebrow hairs! Nevertheless, the effect was very cool and if I had long enough eyebrow hairs I may have joined in!

A more wearable trend that came about towards the end of this year was metallics. I feel metallics are really coming back into fashion in the makeup world; from metallic eyeshadows to bold metallic lips. I love this trend and L’Oréal have just come out with a gorgeous metallic range ‘Merry Metals’. This collection includes some gorgeous metallic eye paints and lip paints, as well as a range of highlighters and eyeliner! 

Contouring seems to have become a lot more popular this year as well. From cream to powder, I feel like more people are starting to get the hang of it and it is slowly becoming a part of everyone’s everyday makeup routine! I personally love cream contouring before I set with powder products, as it gives my base a nice sculpt before I finish with the rest of my makeup!

As for 2018?  I feel that bold and bright colours for the eyes and lips will come into fashion, especially towards the Summer time. Bright eyeliner, bold lips and flushed cheeks will be the look of the Summer! I feel like colourful eyeliner has tried to make a name for itself at random times this year, so maybe it will finally have its breakthrough in the new year! And hopefully all of the more ridiculous trends will be left in 2017! 

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