Festive Fashion

Festive Fashion

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Outfit choices for Christmas Eve/Day & Boxing Day?

Christmas is well and truly upon us, it’s that time of the year again and it’s bringing major outfit dilemmas.

  • What do I wear during the holiday events?
  • I do not want to take my whole wardrobe home with me. 

Taking only a few, but the most suitable pieces is the key to looking great and feeling fabulous. Let’s break it down – 

CHRISTMAS EVE – Casual but Chic

Whether you’re off to a meal, or having a few drinks with friends, go for something comfy but sophisticated. An embellished top paired with your favourite denims will work a treat.

Christmas Day - Try a Festive Hue

Nothing says Christmas Day like a little bit of RED, GREEN and BURGUNDY 

Add a BIT of sparkle, a few sequins and glitter are bound to make you look the part. However, less is more, you don’t want to look the part too much and be mistaken for a Christmas tree. The key is to balance out the sparkle with something simple.

Boxing Day - The holiday hangover

If you’re anything like me, you will have over-indulged and feel pretty lazy by Boxing Day. Unless you have pre arranged family visits which you need to dress up for – Boxing Day is for any type of Luxe Loungewear all day long!


The christmas jumper

is it acceptable to wear them loud & proud?

With the possible exception of wedding season, the festive period holds more opportunities for dressing to impress than any other time of the year.

The stress of Christmas shopping and the mad rush to get all your work done on time so you can actually enjoy your break, and I think that sometimes it’s nice to dress down, take a breath, and wear a pair of jeans with a festive jumper. It feels good to embrace the season.

Granted, the bright-red-santa-riding-his-sleigh-with-Rudolph’s-battery-operated-nose-flashing jumper isn’t the easiest item to pull off, especially if dignity is important to you, but that’s why I tend to opt for a slightly more subtle look.  

So…..WHY NOT! I love them x

Working Students – what to wear for the staff Christmas Party

If you plan well ahead, I’m thinking January sales, then you can buy your Christmas party outfit for the year after. Most of the pieces mentioned are timeless and will always be ideal for Christmas Parties year in, year out. Grab them whilst they’re cheap and put them away for next year. Just don’t eat too many mince pies and you’ll be fine!

If you’re not that organised there’s always Black Friday. Alternatively, stay away from mainstream retail and venture into the second hand/pre-loved world. Charity Shop Chic – I call it!

My final tip - If you have a friend or housemate who has a similar style to you and is the same size as you, then switch last year’s Christmas outfits with each other – easy!

Mystery Shop Report | Premier Pool

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The Christmas Jumper

The Christmas Jumper