Photography @ Parkside

This term, Year 11 Art students took part in an ‘Urban Photography’ project, with the Ipswich Docks & Waterfront as our location.

Our brief was to look at surfaces close up; to notice and capture the contrasts we could see. We searched for interesting textures and shapes in the objects we photographed. We focussed on colour, texture, composition and contrasting surfaces. We were encouraged to find beauty in decay and nature overpowering man-made structures in this busy port.

We experimented with unusual angles to make simple things appear more abstract, out of context and interesting.

This wasn’t easy for all of us. Good photography doesn’t just happen, it takes a lot of thought and skill to frame a good composition. For some of us this was a big challenge. We think that when you look through the lens of a camera, you see new artistic opportunities. You view things from a different perspective. It is like looking through to a new world; making everyday objects become distorted and abstract. You have to make quick decisions at times to get the composition you want.

We enjoyed the project and have all taken our photography further to inspire sculptures, paintings, clay work and collage for our GCSE coursework.