Top Tips for a Student Budget Christmas

You’ve finished all the mid-term assessments, Tesco is stocking its festive isles, you’re listening to the odd Christmas song and ready to play Elf.  It’s also time to start buying and wrapping presents. But there’s nothing worse than looking forward to the festive season, then checking your bank balance and realising you’ve blown all your student loan. Don’t panic, here are some top tips to help keep those costs down.

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1. Write a list

Lists are great for everything. But they’re even better when you’ve got family & friends to buy for, especially with little time, and no disposable income. There’s nothing worse than wandering around, running into every shop you see, just in case there is something your mum ‘might’ like. You need to plan these things and writing a list will ensure you know exactly what you’re buying; that way, it means you can shop around and find the cheaper deals.

2. Use discount codes

As students, we’re forever relying on UNiDAYS to bring us the best discounts, but a lot of the time you make a purchase without checking if you can get money off first. As well at that, at Christmas or in the lead up to, a lot of new companies will introduce discounts, and the existing ones are likely to increase theirs. Remember that it’s not just UNiDAYS, you’ve got Student Beans, Save the Student and NUS too. You must keep an eye out for them; you can get discounts on the most random items, and in the places you least expect. 

3. Regifting/making your own GIFTS

This is definitely something people turn their noses up at. The idea of having to put in effort and make your own gifts. But there is nothing your grandma would love more than a box of homemade truffles. It’s also a great way to clear out the back of your wardrobe and give the bath set you’ll never use, to your sister. 

4.Secret Santa

The classic secret Santa that everyone knows and loves; it’s great for the larger families or if you’ve got lots of friends. Choose one person, whether it be anonymous or not and you’ll only have to buy one present; you can also set a budget to lower the cost!