Where's Your Head At?

Where’s Your Head At? is one of a number of Societies based at the University of Suffolk.  With a primary focus on mental health, the Society also focuses on general wellbeing; aiding students & staff with additional issues such as stress or even loneliness, through events and socials.

 Where's Your Head At? WYHA?

Over the last month, WYHA? has been working hard to start the mindfulness sessions discussed in the last issue. We have had these approved and sessions will start from late November. The Society has also recently taken part in the self-care fair held at the University in early November.  We had a lot of engagement from students & staff and staged different activities at the stall; such as biscuit decorating and sharing different self-care tips. We also had some self-care postcards with different tips from positive self-care websites, such as Blurt it Out and Mind. 

Tips included:

• Watching a film with friends
• Having a beauty day! Bath, moisturise, style your hair
• Music therapy
• Getting plenty of rest
• Spending time with friends and family
• Going for a walk in the countryside (with a dog if you can)
• Be outside (and drink lots of tea!)
• Treat yourself
• Don’t think yourself sad
• Listen to some upbeat music to get you to a positive place
• Drink lots of water

Our Society is based around being the bridge to different support networks within and outside of the university setting. There is a lot of support for students and staff to access within Ipswich, these include the Student services, Samaritans (who have a 24-hour phone call service, and are also starting a ‘texting’ initiative if you don’t feel like talking on the phone) and Suffolk Mind, who have different wellbeing classes on coping mechanisms.

In December, we will be holding Christmas/Holiday themed socials; these include a Film night on Thursday 7th December at 7pm in the Atrium building. The film will be Polar Express, so bring along friends and family for a Christmas/Holiday adventure! Over the Christmas break, between 20th December and 12th January, we will not be running any socials as such. 

However, if you feel you do need support, you can still contact us. While we are not qualified to offer advice to students directly about how to cope/treat mental health, we can signpost you towards other services. 

If you have any questions about any of our socials or where to access support, please contact us through our Facebook page -

@wyhauos, or through the Students’ Union email: su.admin@uos.ac.uk