2018 Fashion Trends

2018 Fashion Trends


What to look out for?

Christmas and New Year has been and gone, and normal life has been resumed! Amongst other things we are now at that point where we will be thinking about holidays and brighter weather.

We maybe at that point of the winter season where we’re just tired of winter and ready for spring. This is also the time of year that the weather tends to be a little all over the place, warmer spring-like temps one day, a blizzard the next, true story. Since we can’t control the elements, unfortunately, we can, however, control our styling!

With Christmas sales in full flow, now is the time to hit the shops and seek out bargains ready for the seasons ahead.

There are many trends that are going to stay from the previous seasons (and years!), despite moving into new directions.

We are holding onto some key trends from 2017, however we will be injecting some new 2018 Spring/Summer trends into our wardrobes within the next few months.

During the late winter days, you certainly begin to prepare clothing items to welcome the spring. However, as the coldness is still around, you have to make sure that the outfits you wear are warm enough. Late winter style is influenced by spring to some extent. Perhaps, you are considering leaving padded jackets at home, and shift to simpler coats to ensure warmth.

The Ideas of Late Winter Style

You should always create your own style and take this forward each year, just tweak according to our ever changing lifestyles.

Winter is usually characterised with dark colours, but you may not need them during later winter days. 

The most favourite options of later winter style is layered tops. This street style fashion style is simple and warm. 


Key major trends to look out for going into Spring/Summer 2018


Every time the Spring/Summer shows come around, a new pastel palette takes over and this year is no different.

Trench Coat

The wardrobe staple trench coat gets a refresh in 2018, complete with new cuts, accessories and embellishment.


Jumpsuits are going to be a staple item in our wardrobe this spring, and we can’t wait. There’s going to be one for every taste and body shape. 


Sportswear pieces and fabrics made appearances in 2017, Athleisure will be huge in 2018. 

Denim on Denim

Will denim ever not be a trend? Well, let’s just say this season it’s going to be even more of a trend. Think head to toe denim looks – literally.

Print on Print

To remain in the theme of mixing and matching, another trend we are loving this spring/summer 2018 is the mixing of different prints and patterns in the same outfit.

Other Key Trends for 2018

  • Military

  • Pink – Unisex

  • Purple

  • B&W Polka Dots

  • Ruching

  • Feathers

  • Fringing


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