Buying Online

Rosie May is a Kesgrave High School alumnus, having been a student at the School since Year 7 and having completed her A-levels in June 2017.

 beauty, buying make-up online

Purchasing makeup products online can always come with the worry or how it will turn out, especially if it’s a product you’ve never tried before. However, in today’s ecommerce the internet creates a lot more opportunity to access certain beauty products that are only sold in certain countries, for example America. 

America is one of the leading sellers of makeup and the range of brands on offer is to die for. This is why a lot of people living in England sacrifice their money on paying import taxes and ridiculous shipping prices, just to get the certain products. However, when it’s products you’ve never tried before it is a risk. For example, buying foundations, guessing your right shade online is so difficult especially when you won’t go through the hassle of returning it. This applies for ordering in England too! 

For me personally, trying out the formula and colour of products first is very necessary in order for me to buy it. Don’t get me wrong - I’m no stranger to spending all my money on makeup online and not trying it beforehand (mostly for the brand!), however I do prefer to shop in store and test it all out to see if it’s worth my money! There have been a lot of products that I have ordered online and they unfortunately didn’t live up to the expectations. If I had tested them in store I would have known! 

Shopping on the high street also comes with the benefits of speaking to a beauty consultant who knows their products. If you’re unsure on what product is best for your skin type, skin tone or personal preferences, a beauty consultant is the best person to speak to. Most high street stores such as Boots and Debenhams have a beauty consultant on the makeup counters. These are the best people to speak to regarding the best products for you. This is a free service that you can’t get with online products.

At the end of the day, I think that the amount of products you can access online outweighs the help and information you can get on the high street. Doing your own research online is still as effective!