Where's Your Head At?

Where’s Your Head At? is one of a number of Societies based at the University of Suffolk.  With a primary focus on mental health, the Society also focuses on general wellbeing; aiding students & staff with additional issues such as stress or even loneliness, through events and socials.

Over the last month the Society has continued to hold events for students to come to socialise and de-stress. We have continued our weekly meetups at Cult Café, and recently started a new weekly event too; these informal Mindfulness sessions allow students to take a step away from their studies and relax for an hour. We started these sessions to help students de-stress by providing them with board games, adult colouring books, music and snacks. The focus is not based around the students’ studies, however they are welcome to bring their laptops and work if they’d feel more comfortable doing so in a relaxed environment.

We also held an extra event in December, in collaboration with the University’s Film Society and screened The Polar Express (2004). This Christmas classic was chosen as it was released at a time when the majority of students were children and we thought it would be nice for them to escape from their studies and join in with the festivities.

We have now set out our goals for the next semester:

To continue to be a catalyst for change for mental health.
To continue to hold regular events and socials.
To appeal to a larger audience.
To reach out to more local charities and larger organisations.

Post more questionnaires to receive student feedback and availability.

The Society hasn’t, currently, got any events or socials planned in January, as University lectures don’t continue until February, but we will be continuing our evening meetups, as well as our Mindfulness sessions. 

In the meantime, if you would like to contact anyone on our committee for dates and times of events, or would like to contact us regarding advice about where you can go for professional help - feel 

free to message us on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/WYHAUOS
or via the Student’s Union email su.admin@uos.ac.uk

We hope our members and readers have a great start to 2018 and we can’t wait to see you at future events!