Album Review | Twenty One Pilots

Album Review | Twenty One Pilots

Now I’ve only heard 2 tracks from Twenty One Pilots’; those being “Heathens” which is a really nice song and “Stressed Out” which is another solid track. I haven’t heard the teaser tracks, so this is my first reaction/review to the album. So does this album impress or not? Let’s find out...


This is a really nice track because it has a lot of layers and has an aggressive rock vibe to it and then the second half is quite calm.  10/10


Tyler has a really dope rapping verse in this track and I loved the intro. 10/10


This track isn’t as good as previous, but it’s got a really smooth texture. 9/10

My Blood:

This has a nice and fruity beat and will always put a smile on my face. 10/10


Another really smooth track with a nice murky texture too. It’s insanely catchy. 10/10


This is one of the weak tracks in this album because the beat is nothing special and the performance was average. 7/10

Neon Gravestones:

This track is really impressive since it sounds quite dark and grimy.  10/10

The Hype:

This is yet another beautiful banger since this has yet another fruity sounding beat and the vocals are just simply brilliant.  10/10

Nico and The Niners:

This is another track which is also solid since the chorus was really well done.  9/10

Cut My Lip:

This is yet another fruity banger to this album which pins down his mental struggles. 10/10


This track is also quite smooth and this has a nice beat that just simply builds up. 9/10

Pet Cheetah:

This has a mysterious sounding intro and then when the song starts it gets quite grimy and dark.  10/10


The guitars and ukulele in this track put me in such a great mood and the singing adds to the brightness. 10/10

Leave the City:

This track is quite emotional because the pianos sound really sad and tragic. 10/10

Overall = 10/10

It’s been a pleasure listening to this album.  I’m definitely checking out their music after this, because it has truly been an amazing listening experience.

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