Album Review | Twenty One Pilots

Album Review | Twenty One Pilots

Now I’ve only heard 2 tracks from Twenty One Pilots, those being “Heathens” which is a really nice song and “Stressed Out” which is another solid track. I haven’t heard the teaser tracks to this album so this is my first reaction/review.  So does this album impress or not?  Let’s find out.

Jumpsuit: This is a really nice track because it has a lot of layers and has an aggressive rock vibe to it and then the second half is quite calm.  Also at some points in the track,  he tries out some metal type vocals so I really enjoyed how this song switched up and also it’s catchy. This scores a 10/10

Levitate: Tyler has a really dope rapping verse in this track and I loved the intro and the drums in this album really go hard. This is yet another track which I personally consider to be quite dope start to finish. This scores a 10/10

2 tracks in and I really enjoy it.

Morph: This track isn’t as good as the previous, but it’s still quite good because Tyler has a decent verse. Also the chorus is nice and it’s got a really smooth texture too. Overall this track could potentially grow on me. This scores a 9/10

My Blood: This has a nice and fruity beat, it’s really catchy and I really liked Tyler’s second verse because he was flowing for a bit.  This makes the track even more impressive. This will always put a smile on my face. This scores a 10/10

Chlorine: Another really smooth track with a nice murky texture too. Also the singing was quite smooth and grimy at the same time. Also it’s insanely catchy. This scores a 10/10

Smithereens: This is one of the weak tracks in this album because the beat is nothing special and the performance was average. The chorus is quite nice though, but overall I thought this track wasn’t as strong compared with most of the tracks. This scores a 7/10

Neon Gravestones: This track is as good as the title; really impressive since it sounds quite dark and grimy and the pianos just build up that dark aesthetic and the chorus is really beautiful and some layers start to build. This is another strong track from this album so this scores a 10/10

The Hype: This is yet another beautiful banger since this has yet another fruity sounding beat and the vocals are just simply brilliant. Also the intro was nice too. Then the beat builds up to an acoustic and electric guitars make this a lovely and interesting track. This scores a 10/10

Nico and The Niners: This is another track which is also solid since the chorus was really well done and the beat was slightly stronger than “Smithereens”.  The outro was impressive too, then he has a nice third verse. This track is another one guaranteed to grow on me. This scores a 9/10

Cut My Lip: This is yet another fruity banger which pins down his mental struggles.  This track is quite upbeat and has some nice layers to it. This is adding to the amazement of this track, so overall this scores a 10/10

Bandito: This track is also quite smooth and has a nice beat that just simply builds up. Tyler’s vocals are quite smooth and then the second verse is quite nice too.  The final moments of this track were great. This scores a 9/10

Pet Cheetah: This has a mysterious sounding intro and then when the song starts it gets quite grimy and dark and Tyler does an impressive job in this track too.  Also the bass is quite nice too.  This is one of my favourite tracks from this album and the chorus is quite impressive too. This scores a 10/10

Legend: The guitars and ukulele in this track are in their best form and this track always puts me in such a great mood.  The singing adds to the brightness of this track too. Although I may not have liked the intro at first - but then as I listen through things started to become impressive. This scores a 10/10.

Leave the City: Now this track is quite emotional because the pianos in the track sound really sad and tragic. There is a meaningful closure to this track and things start to build up and this track is really smooth. This scores a 10/10

It’s been a pleasure listening to this album.

Overall = 10/10

I’m definitely checking out their music after this album because it has truly been an amazing listening experience.  Every track is well crafted and a lot of the tracks have a lot of zest and colour to them. I am curious to see what Twenty One Pilots have in store in the future because this is easily one of the best albums I’ve listened to. 

Best Tracks: Almost every single track 

Least Fav: Smithereens

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