Drugs & Alcohol: Their Correlation With Mental Health

Drugs & Alcohol: Their Correlation With Mental Health

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As the world is developing, drugs and alcohol issues also increase alongside. Therefore it impacts greatly in peoples’ lives.

In the beginning drugs and alcohol could bring a somewhat pleasurable experience to users, in the short term. But also in the long term it could causes serious problems for their mental health. Alcohol and illegal drugs such as: heroin, cocaine and marijuana misuse causes disruption to individual lives and is linked to stress, anxiety, depression,  memory loss or even death.

Brain function 

Alcohol and illegal drugs can disrupt the function of our brain, for example depressants which will affect your thought, action and feeling. They also cause the brain to release chemical changes that could lead to an increase in confidence which, in turn, can bring in other problems such as: more drink driving (car accident), thefts and attacking people.

Anxiety, stress and depression

Drugs in particular have been associated with mental health by causing psychiatric illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder, forms of anxiety and phobias. Alcohol is also known to lower levels of serotonin in the brain causing changes in our mood, over drinking causes an increase in anxiety, stress, and depression.

Psychosis, self-harm and death

Psychosis is one of the main mental health issues caused by alcohol and drugs. There can be things such as confusion and  disturbed thoughts along with individuals gaining a lack of self-awareness. Drugs in particular can trigger psychosis related mental health issues. They can be associated with self-harming and suicide.

In conclusion, drugs and alcohol are harmful to our mental health and cause lots of different problems. From that, we should cut down the amount of drugs and alcohol as much as possible to improve your mental health. We should also encourage people away from drugs and alcohol to reduce risk in the future. Let’s all build a healthy community!

Self Care | Exercise

Self Care | Exercise

The  Relationship Between Drugs, Alcohol & Mental Health

The Relationship Between Drugs, Alcohol & Mental Health