Tech Review | The Hive

Tech Review | The Hive

As part of our partnership with Hughes, each month we will be reviewing an exciting and innovative product for your home. This month, we test The Hive.

the hive

The Hive is a smart thermostat that is so much more; on average saving users £150 a year, making it worth the initial price. 

The Hive is an easy to use smart thermostat meaning it can connect to other devices like your phone - with the easy to use app. You can control everything from the app; the time it comes on, what temperature you would like it set at, what rooms you would like heated......the list goes on, but The Hive can control so much more than just temperature. 

The developers of Hive want to create a technological ecosystem in your home; meaning every device is connected. Hive also offers smart bulbs and cameras & motion sensors, all connected via the app.  There is also a list of commands you can set. The motion sensors can be set to activate the bulbs and the cameras, so if one of your roommates sneaks in to steal your leftovers in the fridge, it will all be on film! 

Recently, I had the opportunity to use a device similar to Hive called ‘Nest’ and it was so simple and elegant. Just twist the device to raise or lower the temperature. I didn’t have to press a hundred buttons to get it working like home; no setting a time and hoping the weather man was right that it’s getting cold. Just simplicity, it does it all for you. 

If you purchase Hive through Hughes, inside the box is a scratch card that will have a code on it.  Simply call up British Gas and they will come and install it all for you, that’s easily £50-£70 saved on installation alone. 

As a young adult, I see this as the way technology is going; it won’t be long before everything is connected, so why not get involved now and show off to your friends. 

Hughes’ View

Take control of your home heating and do it all from the palm of your hand with the Hive Active Heating with Professional Installation. With the purchase of this smart heating system you get a professional installation service from a British Gas engineer alongside an amazing, well-crafted product.

With your smart device in tow and the Hive app downloaded you’re able to control every aspect of your heating from the palm of your hand and on the go. Avoid coming home to a freezing cold house and even avoid heating an empty house and wasting energy - you’re able to schedule up to six heating events so that your home is always the ideal temperature for you without any needed work from you. 

Made to look after you, your Hive Heating even works using geolocation - it can sense when you’ve left your home and when you’re approaching home based on your phone’s location, using this it’s able to send you handy notifications such as when to turn your heating on before you walk in the door and even send you reminders to turn it off. 

Connection is kept as simple as possible for you - when purchased you’ll be able to redeem the installation voucher on the Hive website to book in an installation date.

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