Youth Social Action

Youth Social Action

Volunteering Matters is focused on developing Youth Social Action activities with young people.

Youth social action is about;

People coming together to help improve their local community.

It’s about being creative and passionate, using your knowledge and skills to produce a social action that has a positive impact.

It’s about being heard and having a voice.

It’s about changing attitudes, behaviours and believing you can make a difference!

Not just in the community but further afield, influencing policies, procedures and regulations.

It’s about producing something which has sustainability and has a positive impact.

The #iwill campaign has six principles which are required to produce a great social action, these are;

Youth-Led, (led, owned and shaped by young people). 

Socially Impactful, (has a clear intended benefit for the community).

Progressive, (sustained and provides links to other activites).

Embedded, (accessible to all and well integrated to existing pathways).

Reflective, (to recognise contributions for learning).

Challenging, (ambitious, enabling but also enjoyable).

The Government has set a target for every young person to experience a youth social action during their teenage years and we are trying to do our bit to promote and encourage young people’s participation.

Please come and talk to us if you have any great ideas or want to participate in any of the social action activities or projects we are already running.

We have a number of ongoing social action projects from WASSUP to our Community trailer project.    

We are particularly interested in hearing from young men aged 16 to 22 to work on a number of our projects.

What will I get out of it?

  • Gain valuable experience

  • Enhance your CV and/or UCAS application

  • Meet new people

  • Make friends

  • Develop and gain new skills

  • Build your confidence

  • Feel good

  • Have fun!

Make a difference and influence change!  

Darren Oxbrow  
Volunteer Manager
Office 01473 418035
Mobile 07711 497429   
The Old Crown Court, 
Civic Drive, Ipswich, IP1 2DX

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