My Normal Yet Bizarre School Life

My Normal Yet Bizarre School Life

Year 7

I had questions concerning high school: How I would cope? Will everyone be nice? Will subjects be harder? Etc. My queries were all answered.

A few changes were needed since I used to get involved in fights but one scenario got me in a lot of trouble and people in my form disliked me for that, but nowadays I won’t hurt a thing. I also got bullied by this one boy in my form. Although, I did make friends, especially this encounter with a girl in my maths class who I am best friends with to this day. We have some good times together. 

Also, there was an air guitar competition which I won and that was one of the biggest achievements and because of that I was quite popular.

Overall my first year was decent.

Year 8

My popularity grew. I started hanging out with a group of peers and my friendships with my closest ones developed. But it wasn’t all perfect…

A girl in my form was an irritation start to finish this year. She was also jealous of me for some reason, no I’m not kidding. Also some people in my form brought up rumours of me getting someone expelled from school, which I didn’t. Push aside the negatives it was another solid year. 

Year 9

This was actually my least favourite school year because I was distracted by infatuations for a close friend; I was also bullied by a boy that recently joined. This was where my bond with my Head of Year started to take shape.

I uploaded dabbing videos on Instagram and I was the “360dabbmaster” and was popular to a majority of people even lower kids. But did this help me? No, because I was cyber-bullied by some people and this made me into an arrogant person.

Also my best friend moved to Saxmundham and year 9 was more depressing.

I used to place feelings first. Also, my CTL took a drop. Activities week was the cherry on top of a terrible year because I was so angry over a few unnecessary things.

Year 10

Better than year 9 but still some issues. The close friend I previously had feelings for was everywhere for the wrong reasons even though we got over last year. She didn’t treat me like a good friend and the companions she had were quite rebellious apart from maybe 2 people. 

Also, my close friend was influenced by terrible things i.e. smoking and hanging out with even more rebellious kids and I tend not to be part of that culture.

I quit dabbing because I feel like there are better things to do. I started writing my own books and I even passed my literature exam. I was also improving in school even in my weaker subjects and I enjoyed work experience. I enjoyed ASDAN too because I just got to mess around. 

Year 11

My favourite year of high school; firstly I was concerned but then I enjoyed it. My mocks weren’t good because I couldn’t organise my revision well, but this motivated me to work hard and even bagged 4 subject rewards. Also, most of the teachers I had for year 11 were helpful. 

Also, a lot of the problems I originally faced started to fade away since the new boy was less of an issue and I got over my close friend too.

The best moment was getting my results and I did really well - but couldn’t get the grades for Lang + Lit…..but I can succeed without it.  A-Levels here I come…

This is my normal yet bizarre school life.

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