Tis The Season  To Be Jolly?

Tis The Season To Be Jolly?

Emily is 16 and is studying Media, Sociology and English Literature. Emily decided to get involved with Student Life as she would like to pursue a career in Journalism, and is passionate about writing about important issues that affect many. 

Christmas is a wonderful season of snow (if we’re lucky), family getting together, presents and perpetual happiness. Somehow one of these I feel isn’t totally true.

Just because it’s Christmas, don’t feel annoyed or pressured that you don’t feel 100% joyous the entire season. It’s just like any other day (just with a little more tinsel), that it’s fine to be anxious or feel just not quite as happy. Anxiety doesn’t take a Christmas holiday, mine sure doesn’t, and people’s understanding about it shouldn’t either. 

Don’t despair, I will give you three tips that hopefully, will help you make the most out of this festive season. 

1) Breathe. 

It sounds so simple but it’s easily forgotten how much it helps you to feel calm. Just breathe in for 3, hold for 3, and out for 3 and repeat until you feel calmer. Big deep breaths and just focus on your counting. This has really got me out of some sticky situations and I hope it’s a simple step that makes you benefit from it. 

2) Remove yourself from the situation. 

Never feel forced to stay if you are feeling uncomfortable and panicky.  Just slip away. Find a quiet place, distract yourself, breathe and go back when YOU’RE ready. Don’t feel like you have to explain yourself, but please do make someone aware if you can that you didn’t/aren’t feeling your best. Talking helps but only if you feel able to.

3) Still remember to get good sleep and eat good food. 

I know when it comes to Christmas, chocolate, sugar and fatty foods are practically calling your name. By all means enjoy these but, remember to get good nutrients like fruit and vegetables and to get proper sleep. These really help your body repair and process and, in turn, boost your mood. 

I hope these have helped and you feel properly prepared for the season and the hideous (yet loveable) Christmas jumpers. Make the most out of Christmas, you deserve it. 

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