Career Ready

Student Life is delighted to have joined forces with Career Ready UK.  The organisation helps raise young people’s aspirations and bridge the gap between education and work, by providing access to real experience of the world of work.  Here Career Ready’s Regional Manager for Cambridge and Ipswich, Sian Robertson, introduces the charity to readers.

If you are looking to start work straight after sixth form or college, begin an apprenticeship with an employer, or apply for a university place, it is never too early to start making a good impression. 

Researching organisations to find favoured employers or education providers is something that you can start early on. It is always useful to plan ahead and consider your career path from as early as year 8. Many jobs, apprenticeships and university courses require certain qualifications and what you decide to study in high school, sixth form, college and beyond can have an effect on your future choices.

Understanding what is required from you with regard to formal qualifications, experience and soft skills, is very important if you wish to succeed in securing the pathway you want. Most employers and course providers list what they are looking for in employees/students on their website, however many are very happy to have conversations with you in person as soon as you express an interest in knowing more about them. If you get in touch to learn more about an organisation, then you are already demonstrating several key skills that are well sought after by all employers; initiative, confidence and the ability to manage yourself and your career. Having such initiative will help you to stand out early on.

If you aren’t already on LinkedIn then I would suggest you set up an account, as this can be a great way to discover employers, learn more about them and start up initial conversations.

If you are keen to go straight out to work, or begin an apprenticeship with an employer after sixth form/college, then a great way to introduce yourself - following some initial research - is by offering yourself up to an organisation for voluntary work, or to ask if they have any internship places available. Experience of working within a company before you leave sixth form or college will not only help you to decide if you like a role, but if you do well, it will demonstrate to an employer that you have the ability to succeed within their company. In addition, you will develop your skill set further, making you even more employable. Many employers that we work with offer students a job or an apprenticeship following a successful internship, or work experience placement. 

You can contact us as follows:

Career Ready UK National Office
25 Canada Square
Canary Wharf
London E14 5LB
Tel: 020 7986 5494