Introducing Core Coaching Co.

My Background

My name’s Ben and I’m the founder of Core Coaching Co.  I’ve been passionate about healthy living and an active lifestyle for around 18 years now.  As a kid and through my teenage years I was an overweight, unhealthy and unhappy person who didn’t know how to take care of himself properly.  I was obsessed over the wrong goals and never focused on my health as a priority.  It wasn’t until I got a bit older and started to educate myself on how to live a healthier life that I came to realise how much information is out there and how confusing it can be to try and find the best thing for you.  Add to this the huge amount of marketing throwing all the wrong things in your face every day and it’s no wonder people don’t get the results they want.  I was getting frustrated on a daily basis because everywhere you turned for guidance you were given something new and fantastic to do which a week later would be criticised by someone.  I tried out most things but kept changing my focus every time something new came along, which meant getting nowhere fast.

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Why I Set Up The Business

It got to the point where I was fed up of constantly reading conflicting information online and hearing different opinions from people that I decided to study different areas of the industry such as nutrition, personal training, NLP and more so I could teach myself the right things.  The biggest issue I have found is that people tend to focus on the wrong goals for themselves - weight loss, toning up, building muscle, getting that ‘beach body’ in six weeks, getting ripped abs, and more.  While all of these goals sound fantastic, they don’t actually amount to much other than loving your own reflection.  But what about the really important stuff like mental health, a healthy body, less stress and anxiety, less worry, less visits to the Doctor, less money spent on expensive supplements, and so on?  I didn’t want to keep hearing the same stories of people who wanted to feel good about themselves but kept failing because of bad diets, fads, advice and more.  So I decided to use my knowledge and experience to help people focus on the basic principles of living a healthy life and how to do it properly rather than “lose 10 stone in just 10 days” or whatever companies promise.  This would allow them to focus on what’s important while still achieving those ‘perfect bodies’ as a result of their hard work.  This is where my business was born.

Services Offered

Having previously worked as a Personal Trainer in a local gym, I now put my focus in to online coaching.  I work with clients worldwide to teach them what they can do in their daily lives to improve their health and feel good about themselves just by making simple changes to their normal habits, and not feeling like they have to go to the gym 70 times a week and eat kale all day, every day.  I offer both one-to-one coaching and self service coaching programmes where you can take yourself through your very own course and learn ways to take better care of yourself.

What I Hope To Achieve

My ultimate goal is to reach out to people who have previously never focused on anything health-related for themselves, or have tried diets and fads in the past but not achieved the results they wanted.  I want to show you that it is possible to achieve your goals simply by applying some basic and achievable changes to your daily habits so you can feel like the best version of yourself.  My company motto, “Change your life from the inside, out” means exactly that - focus on the inside, and the outside will follow.(in