Self Care | ASMR

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It describes a tingling feeling and relaxation that someone can experience when they watch or listen to a certain video. 

Now before I start, here’s a disclaimer. ASMR isn’t for everyone. You might find it weird or uncomfortable to watch or listen to, or you might find that you feel a lot more relaxed (or sleepy!) after watching.

I admit, when I was first properly introduced to ASMR by my sister, I thought the whole thing was creepy and I couldn’t sit and watch a video for longer than 30 seconds. However, after researching it a bit more and exploring various channels, I soon found a couple of YouTubers who I enjoyed watching.

 asmr, self care

ASMR videos come in a variety of formats. Whether it’s listening to sounds or it’s role play, you’re likely to find a type of video that you prefer listening to. If you need to relax or have trouble falling asleep, then I recommend giving it a try. The soothing sounds will help to make you feel relaxed and will shift your focus from whatever you may have been thinking or worrying about. Most ASMR videos are softly spoken or whispered, which assists relaxation.

Some of my favourite videos involve the YouTuber conducting a doctor’s examination or different role play scenario. The idea of someone paying you one to one attention can often make you feel good about yourself.

If you’re not sure where to start, I’ve listed some of my favourite channels below. 

• ASMR Darling

• Gibi ASMR

• asmr zeitgeist

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