What to wear on date night

What to wear on date night

Love it or loathe it, there’s no escaping that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and love is in the air. Finding the perfect date may present its difficulties, but your outfit need not.

what to wear on a date

Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like the colour RED, however think smart and perhaps indulge in a splash of RED within your chosen outfits to celebrate the traditional Valentine colour?

Most of us panic as to what to wear…this is mainly because you may not know what your date has planned? 

Let’s make this simple and cover all possibilities.

First Dates

Keep it simple, but smart, you want to impress so not too casual. Dresses and heels are always a great option. 


This may lead to dinner or dancing, so keep it smart casual and comfortable!


You can be slightly more casual, however tailored items and smart shoes are a must! If you are going to the theatre, smarter heels will complement any outfit.

Dinner Dates/Fine Dining 

This is the chance for you to go all out glamour/smart to impress your date, whilst looking super stylish.

Active Dates/Bowling/Romantic Walks

Just because you are indulging in this type of date, this doesn’t mean your outfit has to be bland! Keep things Chic with stylish jeans and tops, to continue to impress your date.

Night In with A meal and Netflix

These are the perfect nights, to get cosy and comfortable… however make sure you keep the attire smart. 

Valentines with Friends

This is pretty simple, glam up in a playful way and have fun! 

Men you are equally important as the Ladies.

It is wise to opt for a semi-formal look. Wearing casuals might make you look too laid back, while a formal outfit will make you feel a little too cold for the warm atmosphere. Team up a pair of dark jeans with a formal shirt. Tailored jackets make a statement as it is one item that never goes out of style.

Nothing ruins your look more than dirty shoes. Most women draw out their inferences about a man’s behaviour by looking at their feet. Wearing good shoes is a must to impress women, but wearing clean shoes is what impresses them further. So, go ahead and wear a good pair of loafers keeping in mind your semi-formal attire and make it a point to see that they’re squeaky clean. 

Golden Rules

  • Valentine RED is a must somewhere within your attire

  • Always make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing (inc shoes)

  • Dress according to the occasion

  • Make sure your outfit flatters your body shape

  • Don’t wear anything too small or too baggy

  • Select colours that suit your skin tone

  • Accessories are a must and complement any outfit, but keep to a minimum

  • Don’t overdo it!

  • ENJOY…because you are worth it!

Great Makeup Begins with Great Skincare

Great Makeup Begins with Great Skincare

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Suffolk Mind encourages you to share your experiences of Mental Health