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The great thing about yoga is that you can practice it pretty much anywhere (as it only requires yourself), and you can go at it alone or with others. I’ve recently taken up yoga again this year having tried it previous and I have found there are many self-care benefits. I attend a weekly class where I participate in an hour session. Yoga is great for releasing tension and stress as well as gaining tips for breathing control and mindfulness. As well as this, there are physical benefits too! Yoga helps to stretch and flex your body, focusing on various areas. Some individuals find that it assists in increasing flexibility! While yoga’s roots are embedded in spiritual discipline, you need not be spiritual to give it a try. The more that I attend, the more I see myself applying tips and poses into to my daily life. There are a number of classes available to try in Ipswich including one at the University of Suffolk, where the Students’ Union run a weekly session for £1 for students and £3 for non-students. It’s worth a look if you get a chance!