Where's Your Head At?


Where’s Your Head At? is one of a number of Societies based at the University of Suffolk.  With a primary focus on mental health, the Society also focuses on general wellbeing; aiding students & staff with additional issues such as stress or even loneliness, through events and socials.

Where’s Your Head At? has been very quiet over the last month due to increasing workloads, however we have a lot of very interesting ideas that we would love everyone to be involved in. WYHA? are working towards creating our own handbook for individuals and students who are going through any stress or mental health issue, this should be available for students to access in April 2018 ready for the stresses of exams. If you need any support from organisations outside of the University of Suffolk, there are many different informal and formal organisations to receive support from. These include: Suffolk Mind; Student Minds; Samaritans; Student Services, and many more. If you would like any more information about different services, please do not hesitate to ask by messaging our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/WYHAUOS. 

Over the next month, we will be raising awareness for maintaining positive mental health and having healthy coping strategies for stress. We will be continuing to hold our mindfulness sessions for students who are feeling the stresses of daily life.  These mindfulness sessions will contain mindful colouring and guided meditation, using the app ‘headspace’. These sessions will also be used to allow students to share their own self-care tips and learn new ones which some people may not have thought of. These mindfulness sessions will be held every week throughout the Semester and through the Easter break from 26th March – 16th April. Days, times and locations for these sessions will be confirmed at a later date. We do have a very exciting event which will be happening at the end of April - we will be holding a charity dog walk. More information will be available on this event at a later date.

Our committee members are almost always available on our Facebook page, so if you want someone to talk to, have any ideas for future events or need a point in the right direction for outside support, please contact us. We are always open for new ideas on how to help the students at UOS, so if you have any ideas or comments about this Society, you can always contact us on our Facebook page or through the Students’ Union.