Preparing For An Interview

Preparing For An Interview

1. Research the company that will be interviewing you online.

Try to gain knowledge and a better understanding of the following;

  • The companies values and/or mission statement
  • Challenges the company may be facing 
  • Recent successes
  • Where the company may look to grow/develop in the next 5-10 years
  • Recent news stories

You don’t need in-depth knowledge, just a general overview as many of the above may be intertwined in the interview questions. 

2. What you wear, your body language and what you say will all be factored in when determining if you are a professional person.

It’s important to dress well for an interview in smart, formal clothes. Even if you are going for a role in an informal company, formal dress will show professionalism. Smart, clean shoes are a must for both men and women. 

3. Consider your body language; it is a key part of how you communicate.

You need to exude confidence and this is something that you may need to practice. Practice the following to strengthen your performance at interview;

  • A firm handshake
  • Maintaining eye contact when you speak to someone
  • Sitting still and upright (not fidgeting or slouching)

These may be easy for some but harder for others, and sometimes hard to do when answering different or difficult questions. 

4. Think in advance what you might be asked and consider potential answers.

Try to avoid practicing answers word for word as you may be thrown if a question is phrased differently, isn’t asked, or is something you haven’t prepared for. In addition, consider your tone of voice and try to speak clearly. 

5. Preparation on the actual day of the interview is also vital.

Ensure you have/do the following to set yourself up for a successful interview:

  • Get up with plenty of time to get ready, have something to eat and re-read your CV/letter of application
  • Ensure you have good travel arrangements in place – double check them
  • Check the news to see if your company has any recent articles published
  • Aim to arrive 15 mins prior to the start of your interview and use this time to re-read that letter of application. If you arrive earlier – go and grab a coffee

6. Relax.

If you are prepared and relaxed you will feel confident and this will come across to the employer.

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