Work Experience | How To Succeed During Your Placement

Work Experience | How To Succeed During Your Placement

Last month we focused on what to do to prepare for your work experience placement. Many of you will be about to start those placements and there are some great ways to ensure you get the most out of your experience and that you make a good impression.

Our top tips to work experience success are:

1. Turn up on time – in the morning and after any breaks. This will demonstrate that you are reliable

2. Make sure you are set to meet regularly with your supervisor and speak to them about any concerns, if you have them. You should also let them know the skills you would like to develop and which parts of the business you would like to experience and review throughout your placement

3. Respect colleagues and workplace rules – particularly those around using your mobile phone during working hours

4. Use workplace computers and phones appropriately – not for your own personal use

5. Make sure you know who to report any problems to and report them promptly if they arise

6. Dress appropriately each day and make sure you use appropriate language too

7. Take time to learn people’s names and develop your network

8. Take opportunities to learn as much as you can from others – ask if you can be invited to team meetings across the business to gain insight into different areas/departments

What you do after your placement is equally important:

1. Reflect on the skills that you have developed

2. Update your CV referencing the responsibilities you took on and what you learned during your experience 

3. Formally thank your supervisor and the business for the opportunity that they have given you

4. Connect with colleagues on LinkedIn and stay in touch

If you enjoyed the placement then don’t be afraid to ask if there are opportunities to return, or even if you can apply for an apprenticeship position. Businesses are often keen to retain talented young people and will be pleased that you want to work for them.

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