Festival Fashion

Festival Fashion

Festivals are the ultimate style event, the number one occasion you can wear what you want, how you want. From the tassled hems to the ultra bright prints and shorts. Toss your heels and best shoes aside and bring out those wellies to get knee deep into fun festival fashion.

Festival dressing is all experimenting with your personal style, so step outside that comfort zone and experiment with prints, slogans, textures and festival accessories this festival season. Boho, hippy or grunge? Whatever your festival vibe, welcome to the ultimate guide.

Will it be raining? or scorching hot? UK Festivals or Abroad?

Festival Outfit must haves for everyone... 

Denim shorts and sportswear

A festival look? Without denim shorts? Unthinkable. But sportswear-inspired styles are more comfortable. Style with a simple t-shirt, waterproof bomber jacket and thick-soled boots, or trainers.


2017 saw the return of hats. Not only is one of these bad boys going to look super cool with your outfit but it’s going to keep the sun out of your eyes when you’re grooving and chilling to your favourite artist. Perfect! You can pretty much pair a hat with just about any outfit. 

The Statement Sunglasses

So be fashionable and practical with a funky pair of sunnies!

Style the look: The best part about this outfit is that you can literally pair anything you want with a funky pair of sunglasses!

There is something celebratory about a pair of mirrored sunglasses. They’re a brighter choice for eyewear, and a festival is a perfect venue to experiment with colour. There are a bunch of different styles that work well with mirrored lenses. Wayfarers and aviators typically are the most obvious choices, but our recommendation is to opt for a great pair of round mirrored sunglasses. Round sunnies will lend a little classicism to your festival get-up, not to mention they are a flattering choice for most face shapes.

The Glitter/Jewels/Bling

If you’re ever going to rock these, a festival is where it’s at!

Style the look: If you really can’t afford a whole new outfit, pair these body jewels with a simple outfit like a black bodysuit and some denim shorts! Dress it up with some glitter and presto! You’re festival ready.

Bum Bags

A must-have item on your festival checklist, a bum bag is an essential for keeping valuables safe in style when you’re partying. Leather bum bags are ideal for all weathers, great if you’re heading somewhere like Glastonbury with a potential for heavy mud. Printed bum bags can add a fun element to your festival look, jazzing up your simpler outfits - wear with plain fitted t-shirts, denim shorts and festival wellies and let your bright and bold bum bag be the focus of your outfit.


Don’t misconstrue the word ‘comfortable’ for ‘dowdy’. Festival or not, shoes always need to be stylish so be conscious of what you are wearing on your feet for the long day ahead. White sneakers have emerged as the essential casual shoe and are perfect for versatility and comfort. Festivals can get messy so if it’s a pair you love, buy another in case they get super dirty. Boots can also be great, and work well in rusty browns and black colours. Boots are also the perfect accompaniment to an outfit that may be slightly more bohemian-inspired.  All in all, ensure you have a pair that is comfortable and will withstand all your festival expeditions.

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