Tried & Tested | Loxone Smart Home

Tried & Tested | Loxone Smart Home

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As part of our partnership with Hughes, each month we will be reviewing an exciting and innovative product for your home. This month, we test the Loxone Smart Home - Building Management System.

As someone who is not wholly articulate when it comes to technology, I assumed the Loxone System would be a highly complex device. Claiming to be capable of helping the buyer to ‘Save 50,000 tasks’ by carrying them out for them, I was blown away by the system’s simplicity. 

Loxone is designed to make life easier, by carrying out a multitude of features such as temperature regulation, control over lighting and voice-activation, simply by installing a set of motion sensors and detectors in your home. The system is very simple to install; a case of mounting the brackets on to the wall, no bigger than a traditional light-switch, and then placing the battery-operated sensors inside; that’s it! 

Of course, Loxone can be added to so it can help with other aspects of life, such as automatically heating a home pool for you, or being able to turn-off all the lights and electrics in your house, just by giving the sensor pad a triple tap. However, even its core features can be of incredible use. If you’re someone who often worries whether they locked the door before leaving home or feeling anxious that you left an electrical appliance on, the Loxone system can verify this for you by giving a sign when you close the front door, such as a red light from the sensors, that confirms everything is turned off, giving you peace of mind and saving you time. 

It also has great security benefits too, as it can use special technology when unlocking the door, or trying to gain access, to let you know who has tried to contact you when you aren’t home, or if anyone has attempted an unauthorised entrance. So, not only does it make life more convenient, it makes it safer and more secure. 

It doesn’t even have to be that expensive, you can use bog-standard lamps and speakers from Homebase with Loxone; no fancy gadgets needed and the system can work with existing home assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant! Furthermore, Loxone can also be powered through an app meaning you can control your home from your phone or tablet screen. 

Overall, this high-tech gadget is beautifully simple to use, and provides fantastic benefits with no drawbacks on first impression. 

loxone smart home

Hughes' View

Who are Loxone?

Loxone are a true smart home ‘building management system’.  They are the backbone to the true smart homes we create at Hughes.

A Loxone Smart Home thinks the way you do. It understands which lights to turn on, which music to play and your preferred room temperature for different times of the day – whether it be in the morning or evening, or specifically when you’re cooking, relaxing or having guests over. This level of comfort can only be experienced in a Loxone Smart Home.

With solutions for complete re build, all the way through to retro fitting an existing home, Loxone have a solution that can work for everyone to help create a custom home right for you.

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