Block Party | It's All About Colour

Block Party | It's All About Colour

The summer of 2018 has blessed us with some glorious weather allowing us to wear and explore our summer wardrobes. Unfortunately, summer does not last for ever, but we can still prepare our wardrobes to stay stylish going into the Autumnal season.

Colour blocking

Colour blocking is the laziest and therefore, possibly most efficient way to add colour into your wardrobe. This season, there are plenty of brights from which to choose.

Top-to-toe colour-blocking can be tough, but with a little know-how this trend can be way more accessible than you think. The trick is all in the tones. Darker colours are easier to style up, and are a lot more subtle, while brights, a real fashion statement, when done well look awesome. 

If one colour in particular really suits you, then this is the look you need to work on. My colour is RED its always been my fav!

What is Colour Block?

Colour blocking is a method of wearing multiple solid colours in an outfit. It is sometimes written as colour blocking, with two separate words. The outfit revolves around a palette of two or more colours, usually in bold and bright shades. 

The result is a simple yet very chic look. Prints and patterns are typically not used in colour blocking as such designs would take away from the “blocked” visual.

How to Colour Block?

The process of colour blocking is as straightforward as it sounds; adding blocks of solid colours to one ensemble.

One piece of clothing in an outfit can have a bold, geometric print resembling a colour blocked pattern, or an entire look can be colour blocked with pieces in the outfit being in different colours, all solid.

What to wear?

While wearing colour-blocked outfits, it’s important to feel the limits. Bright and colour-blocked outfits should be complemented only with neutral and minimalist accessories.

Safe colour schemes 

Mixing yellow with dark blue is a safe bet if your ensemble has more of blue in it. The yellow—in the form of stripes on the shirt/sweater—can beautifully pop the entire blue look. 

Grey and pink is a universal combo and one you can never go wrong with. Red with black works great for a night-out. Colour blocking with a strikingly toned accessory can be a smart option. 

For instance, if you’re heading for the beach, colour block your electric blue shorts or track pants with a neon green beach duffle bag.

Benefits of Colour Blocking

Colour blocking roughly refers to the clashing of two or more contrasting colours together—say pairing yellow with blue or pink with green. 

However, not everyone can pull it off as too much of colour can clash and pairing bright colours can potentially create a jarring ensemble. 

In addition to being on trend, colour blocking can have many body slimming benefits, especially when the colours are paired with black and the darker blocks are positioned in places that can optically make the body look slimmer.

So now you know all about the concept of Colour Blocking – follow these rules and you can’t go wrong!

Avoid Prints

Patterns call enough attention to themselves. 

Don’t overdo it

You don’t want to look like a painter’s palette, pick 2 or 3 colours.

Wear your neutrals

Sometimes the best approach is to pick 1 neutral and 1 bright colour, browns, greys, navy blues are easy to block against.

Be brave with accessories 

Accessories, particularly a big belt, chunky jewellery and eye-catching shoes are an ideal way to take colour blocking to another level. Bright, patterned prints, like scarves and belts, can also spruce up a colour-block ensemble, provided you let the colours in the print dictate which colours you put together.

The key is to not be afraid of using a combination or colours, but finding a way to create interesting ensembles.

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