Holywells Park

Holywells Park


When I arrived, I noticed that there was a car park and people can stay and have a walk in the park.    

The first thing I saw was the map and it’s because people can see where the pub or the ice cream shop is.  

You can get ice cream while you walk your dog.

There is fitness equipment around the park, for example push ups, press ups etc. At the park also, you can run and ride a bike. And you can purchase a cheap bike and support the people who work there with learning difficulties. If we bring a ball we can play with friends.

If the weather is good you can go and eat there and drink with family and friends and you can go there and eat ice cream inside of the shop and the value is good. From 5-12 years old, children can go on a spider web climbing frame. Also, in the same place there is table tennis and it doesn’t matter how old you are. There is also a game which you can play with friends and family. I’m going to call it ‘press push pull and twist’.  

by Georgi Mladenov

Things I like at Holywells:

  • There is a café where you can sit outside and inside and it’s good value for money. You can also get different types of coffee, sandwiches and salads.

  • Public toilets to use at the café and near the park so you don’t have to pay.

  • They have different types of ice cream for good prices.

  • Fitness equipment scattered around the park can be found for people to use and it’s for free. Also, you won’t smell as there is fresh air.

  • There is a map to show where everything is so you don’t get lost. Also, benches are everywhere to sit and relax while looking at the luxurious plants.

  • It feels like you’re far away from everything as it’s peaceful and tranquil.

  • There is a free football area for people to play on and use the free goals. And it’s not dirty so you could sit down on the grass.

  • You can also purchase bikes near the café for really good prices and support people with learning difficulties who work there.

  • If you are a runner you would be happy to see paths free to run around or bike.

  • On top of that you can get free Wi-Fi near the café.

  • Also, there are events to go to like a cinema at 9pm which is most likely for teens. 

  • One of the good things is, you can have a scrumptious picnic with family or friends.

by Cory-Lee Burgess



Me Time

Me Time