Expected Album Releases for 2019

Expected Album Releases for 2019

2018 was a great year for music with some really good releases in the past year. Let’s hope that 2019 can be a continuation of that. I am expecting there to be exciting projects that an artist is planning on releasing or that hopefully they make a comeback. So here are the following in no particular order:

1. Kanye West – Yandhi

Kanye West is a highly respected artist and is no stranger to controversy. The last time we heard from him was on “Ye” which was just alright in my opinion and “I Love It” with Lil Pump which was a terrible song in my opinion. Also, this was set to be released last year but that didn’t happen for personal reasons. But it should be released this year.

2. Lil Pump – Harvard Dropout

Like Yandhi, this was supposed to be released last year. Back in 2017 I was not a fan of Pump’s debut project since a lot of the tracks were too repetitive but in 2018 he’s made some notable improvements. So hopefully he “finds the album” and drops it because hopefully it’s a step up.

3. Bring Me The Horizon – Amo

I enjoy a lot of the band’s outcast music especially when 3 of the teasers to this album were very enjoyable and the last time they released a project was 4 years ago. Hopefully this album (released in January) will be a good return. 

4. BTS – TBA

They haven’t teased the mainstream or the ARMY with a project yet but usually for each year the K-pop group release something whether it’s a single, EP or LP we may get something and hopefully it’s good because their last record “Love Yourself: Tear” was really good especially “Fake Love”. Hopefully they become relevant this year too.

5. Giggs – Big Bad

Whilst I completely lost interest in UK rap last year Giggs has an album on the way scheduled by 22nd Feb. I enjoyed his last record “Wamp 2 Dem” and I barely heard from Giggs last year. But let’s see if “Big Bad” himself can provide some more solid tracks.

6. Denzel Curry & Charlie Heat – Aloha

Denzel Curry may be a meme for some but for quite a lot of Hip hop listeners/followers he is a well-respected artist especially with his last record “Taboo” being my favourite album of 2018. Also Charlie Heat has produced 5 tracks of Kanye’s “Life Of Pablo” hopefully this album will be as good as Taboo.

7. Blackpink – TBA

Another K-pop music group that has been gaining a lot of views on YouTube and has a big fan base even though they only have just 2 EP’s. But this year I would love to listen to more songs from them, ideally a debut album but I just want more just to form an opinion. I can tell you now the track “DDU-DU DDU-DU” is really solid, hopefully they can release something that’s better.

8. Cardi B – TBA

I came across this one tweet from a trusted hip hop news site and she’s releasing an album soon. I enjoyed “Invasion Of Privacy” quite a lot but I don’t think it deserved the mainstream attention it got since people are praising this as the best album of 2018. I didn’t think it was that good but OK. But let’s see this year if Cardi still has some great tracks.

9. Rae Sremmurd – Sremmlife 4

With the Sremmlife franchise of Rae Sremmurd being very consistent with the most well perfected Hip-Hop party music. Known for their massive hit “Black Beatles” they still have some other fun and guilty pleasure tracks. Hopefully the 4th instalment has that.

10. The Weeknd – TBA

Last year we had “My Dear Melancholy” Ep which really lived up to its name but he was teasing the album with some visuals, I might just get an album from one of my favourite R&B artists of all time especially with his last 2 albums being really good in my opinion.

11. Chris Brown – Indigo

Haven’t heard from Chris Brown ever since his 45 track album released back in 2017, yes 45. But this year he’s got an album on the way and has a single with it called “Undecided” which was just OK in my opinion. Despite the controversy I do enjoy a lot of Breezy’s music. Hopefully Indigo is a good comeback.

Well that’s all my expected releases that I hope are good.

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