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Continuing our careers relationship with EDF Energy at Sizewell, we introduce readers to the plans for a new power station – known as Sizewell C...

EDF says:

Our proposals for a new nuclear power station on the Suffolk coast:

The third stage of public consultation on the proposals for a new nuclear power station at Sizewell began on 4 January 2019 and will run until 29 March 2019. So far, our project has been through two formal stages of public consultation with local communities in East Suffolk, providing an opportunity for the public to have their say. The feedback we receive, together with our technical assessments, will help shape our final proposals.

During consultation we have sought opinions on:

  •  Our overall proposals for the new Sizewell C nuclear power station;

  •  The associated development needed to support the construction and operation of the power station; and

  •  The potential effects of the project – both positive and negative – and proposed mitigation measures where necessary.The principle of the need for new nuclear power stations and the choice of Sizewell as a ‘potentially suitable’ site have already been determined by Parliament, following public consultation and debate. These issues are outside the scope of our ongoing consultation.

What is Sizewell C?

The proposed Sizewell C site is on the Suffolk coast, alongside an operating nuclear power station and one being decommissioned. Should we receive the necessary consents it will be the second of a new generation of nuclear stations using the EPR technology to be built in the UK, following on from Hinkley Point C which is now under construction in Somerset.

It would include two reactors (known as the UK EPR) and be capable of generating 3,260MW of low carbon electricity, enough to power around six million homes.

The case for building Sizewell C is strong and the development of the station is necessary for the UK’s energy future:

  •   Sizewell C would replicate the design of Hinkley Point C.

  •   Sizewell C would be cost competitive with other low-carbon technologies.

  •   With four EPR reactors expected to be in operation by the time Sizewell C reaches its final investment decision, technology risk, and hence the cost of finance, will be reduced significantly.

  •   The cost of building Sizewell C would be reduced by replicating and learning from Hinkley Point C, and benefiting from a mature UK supply chain.

  •   There would be a high percentage of UK companies in the Sizewell C supply chain – much higher than other low carbon technologies.

  •   Sizewell C would create huge economic opportunities in the East of England, providing highly skilled and well paid employment and contracts for local businesses.

  •   Sizewell C would have very low grid connection costs, thanks to existing grid infrastructure already being in place.

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Romantic Dates? You Decide...

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