The Power of the Suit

The Power of the Suit

We know all the benefits of wearing a finely tailored suit – it makes you feel refined and put together. Suits are no longer considered part of just a male attire, they are definitely as with so many other items Unisex clothing.


A double breasted jacket is the perfect way to add a commanding and powerful element to your work ensemble.

Traditional styles are often too masculine, too stuffy, with shoulder pads and certainly not flattering. And I’m willing to bet the last time you even thought about the suit that’s
stuffed at the back of your wardrobe it was for a job interview, and then you threw it right back into its hiding place.

Suits are precious investment pieces in any wardrobe, you don’t have to worry about your look, as this outfit can be worn from work to special parties.

It’s an easy-to-style apparel, that has an incredibly strong appearance.

The great thing about a suit is the easiness of styling. As you can buy plain coloured design and wear it with your favourite bags and accessories.

A suit is the epitome of stylish—and it makes getting dressed a doddle!

Personally, I love suits with high-waisted pants and side pockets. I love having fun with different colours and styles. Depending on our body shape, we can choose from boyfriend inspired sizes, loose-fit pants, as well as fitted, edgy and slim ones.

There are suits to suit every style, featuring cool colours, leg lengths and widths and shapes. Whether you’re into pastels or bold colours, prints or textures there is something out there for Men and Women.


The Check Suit
Set yourself apart with various check patterns perfect for work to evening wear.

Dress it Down Suit
To keep yours from skewing too formal, pair a matching blazer and pants with a simple white tee, and throw on some Vans or white sneakers.If your job (or the occasion) allows it, swap out the pants altogether in exchange for tailored shorts. 

Crop It
Cropped suits with some playful shoes completes this look. Even a Bermuda length (think: cut right above the knee, but fitted through the thigh) will make any suit look way more casual.

Mix & Match
Great way of mixing and matching contrasting jackets and trousers for a super stylish look

Have fun with colours, you can go from classic white and black to purples, greens, yellows the list is endless. Be brave with different textures and patterns too!

Layer your suit with the classic turtleneck for that transitional time between winter and spring


Don’t forget accessories are the key to completing any outfit. Adding jewellery and accessories: keep it bold, and eye-catching. 

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