Top Games of 2018

Top Games of 2018

Monster Hunter: World


When making a game, developers will constantly ask themselves, “Is this what our audience wants?” In my opinion, the developers at Capcom nailed this and have created a game that is not only fun to play but beautiful to experience. Monster Hunter World boasts locations that don’t feel too vast; interesting weapons and play-styles to fit you; breath-taking scenery; endless customisation options; an immersive and exquisitely animated story; the chance to make your own cat… I’m not joking.

The only thing that could make this game better is cross-platform support which would allow friends from anywhere to team up and beat up big monsters, truly the most fun you could ever have.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

In the span of 36 years, 34 games have come out about everyone’s favourite web-slinging, Brooklyn-born, college boy. One of the the game’s most successful titles was Spider Man 2 in 2014 simply because of how much fun you could have: combining an open world with fast-paced web slinging gave the player freedom and made them feel like spider-man – the point of the game.

So, when Marvel’s Spider-Man was announced in June 2016, fans of the genre hoped that the developers would create a graphically stunning game with all the best bits from previous titles. Thankfully, they delivered. Boasting 9 million sales worldwide by December 2018, Marvel’s Spider Man combined the open world and web slinging of Spider Man 2 with beautiful scenery, Peter Parker’s quirky personality and a plot worthy of the Marvel name.


Donut County

In contrast to the games above which are about shooting, slashing and slinging your enemies around, Donut County is simply about holes. You play as a hole and your objective is to swallow up the citizens of Donut County with said hole. Short, sweet and fun. The plot is interesting, the dialogue is charming and the art style is adorable. 

Every so often, indie games like Donut County, Journey (2012) and Life is Strange (2015) will come along and awe the community with their plots, creativity and enjoyment factor. These kinds of games always beg the question, “Can video games be considered a form of art?”

I think they can, how about you?

Honourable Mentions

Fortnite Battle Royale – The most polarising game of 2018: you either loved it or wished it would cease to exist. Regardless of the hate this game gets for being unoriginal and ‘cringey’, Fortnite is miles ahead of the competition because of it’s full cross-platform support (something the gaming community has been begging for since Minecraft was released in 2009).

Smash Bros Ultimate – The newest title in Nintendo’s current trend of re-vamping classics. Nothing much has changed in the gameplay and story department which is why this game has been so successful: it combines the nostalgia of Smash Ultimate from the Wii with shiny, new graphics and a larger character roster (including Joker from Persona 5). A must buy if you own a Switch.

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