Ufford Park Review

The day started with tea and coffee in the bar area, which like most of the hotel had recently been refurbished. We had the assistance of the manager and other members of staff, who were very helpful and attentive to ensure we had a enjoyable morning.

Half of our party (Leandra and Marnie) went off to the spa, whilst the other half (Lilly and Kerri) enjoyed a Bacon Bap and further coffee in the bar, where we sat at a table with an amazing view of just a small area of the 120 acre golf course.  

Lunch Time!

Despite only half of our party going to the spa, we were all allowed to sit in the relaxation room and eat. Marnie and Kerri had a chicken and bacon salad, Leandra had ‘naked pasta’, and Lilly had fish cakes. All were amazingly tasty and an added bonus was they were very healthy too!

Crazy Golf

We started off the second half of the day with the Congo Rapids crazy golf course. Ufford Park introduced this just two years ago as part of an initiative to encourage families with children of all ages to come here. The course is filled with fun, and is appealing to not only children but also adults. First, pull yourself across the river on a raft, then enjoy an animal themed 18 holes of fun! To add to the experience, as you go around you have the chance to win a cookie in the shape of a dinosaur nest with an egg in it by collecting stamps.


Driving Range 

The driving range was our next destination, and this too did not fail to impress. Due to professionals trying to practice their shots, we had to be very quiet. This however was great as it gave us a chance to focus on our shots and have a relaxing time. There were two levels to the range, and by going on the top our shots looked so much more impressive!

For some students, the price of these activities could be quite expensive, however it is definitely value for money and can be a great treat to de-stress.


We were very excited for a morning of pampering and so we slipped on our complementary robes and slippers and made our way to the spa. On opening the door of the thermal suite, we were instantly greeted by the warm and relaxing atmosphere and the sweet scents. We were free to wander between the different parts at our own pace. There was no rush – we could savour every moment. 

The soft sauna was at the perfect temperature – not too harsh, but warm enough to make us feel like we could fall asleep at any second. The aroma steam room cleansed us physically and mentally. We breathed in the vapour and strong essences and breathed out all our stress, along with any impurities. It was important to always stay cool and hydrated with the help of the sink of ice and cool showers. My favourite part was the hydro pool, with the massaging jets that worked to gently alleviate all the tension in the muscles. A massive highlight of the day for me was of course the treatment I received – a shoulder, back and face massage. To be brief, it was sublime! 

Relaxing in the spa at Ufford Park was a really enjoyable experience. It was especially great for having fun with my friends, whether that included daring each other to go in the ice shower or taste-testing herbal teas in the relaxation room. The chilled atmosphere made us feel comfortable to completely de-stress while also enjoying a good laugh.

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