You Are What You Listen To

You Are What You Listen To

On the Luna

Foals are a band I’ve listened to for quite a while, that aren’t too famous, so I hope you can now go discover a new band that you like! This is a teaser from a new album on its way, coming in March. The riff throughout this song is so catchy and one I definitely want to learn. This too makes me want to hear more from them and what their album has to offer. 

Bury a Friend
Billie Eilish

Starting off with one of my favourites of the month. Bury a Friend. Not just the song though, the video is also art. It’s got quite the horror and creepy vibe but it keeps you watching regardless. In the song it feels as though she’s questioning death and what happens after we die – after all it’s a worry but also an interest for many other people. Although, Billie herself said all of the questions and the song itself is from the perspective of the monsters under our beds.. fits the creepy but awesome video. The song is so catchy along with the beat and incredibly creative. Most times that I listen to it I also accompany it with the video.

Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored
Ariana Grande

I’ve never really been the biggest fan of Ariana Grande but what she’s made towards the latter part of 2018 to present I’ve really enjoyed especially ‘Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored’. For a start, it’s an absolute jam, you can’t not move along to it or sing along. As it implies, Ariana is really wanting that guy to break up with his girlfriend and she will do what she can to see it happen so she can have him. As always, her harmonies and vocals are outstanding and so varied which makes almost all her songs such a pleasure to listen to. 

Someone You Loved
Lewis Capaldi

Moving on to the saddest one on the list being ‘Someone You Loved’. It’s very emotional as you can probably tell by the title alone. Lewis Capaldi has such a unique but warming voice making the song even more upsetting. It appears he’s singing about a loved one that is no longer in his life anymore to help him get through times he finds difficult. His video features his relative Peter Capaldi, who was a former Doctor Who. He portrays his character in this video very well making it so much more emotional but it’s definitely worth the watch. 

Dinner and Diatribes

Another song released from Hozier’s upcoming album is ‘Dinner and Diabrites’. The main thing that made me fall in love with this song is the guitar melody. Accompanied with the steady kick drum throughout it’s absolutely ‘headbanging’ worthy. The small part just before the chorus is the part I look forward to each time I listen to it. It’s just the vocals with the bass and it’s SO good. This song along with the others that have been teased just makes me want the album released even more.

Greta Van Yeet-this-GRAMMY-into-the-garbage:

Greta Van Yeet-this-GRAMMY-into-the-garbage: