Songs Different from the Artists’ Usual Sounds

Songs Different from the Artists’ Usual Sounds

8. Arms Around You by XXXTentacion feat. Lil Pump, Swae Lee & Maluma

This song features a more mainstream Caribbean sound which is something I rarely hear from “X” and even features 2 mainstream artists that work with this type of production. But I ranked this lower because it’s a cash grab from “X’s” record label so they just grab what’s trending and feature X on it. But regardless the hook on this track is sung really beautifully and “Lil Pump” does a bearable job on his verse. “Swae Lee” and “Maluma” did their part. Overall whilst on paper “X” on Caribbean type production might seem bad but the end result proves this wrong.

7. Bring Me The Horizon – I Don’t Know What To Say

This is part of the band’s recent album “Amo” which was absolutely brilliant to say the least, and this was one of the tracks that stood out for me because it features orchestra violins with a mix of heavy guitars which is a sound I rarely hear anyone pull off. Whilst the track does last for nearly 6 minutes “Oli Sykes” does gently breeze through the track as it starts off with gentle guitars and violins but then gets heavier as the track progresses. It’s lower on this list because “Amo” was intended to be experimental so there is change to be expected.

6. Metro Boomin – Only You feat. J Balvin, Offset & WizKid

This track is off “Metro Boomin’s” debut album and if you don’t know who Metro is he’s a hip/hop producer who’s collaborated with the likes of “Drake”, “The Weeknd”, “Gucci Mane”, “21 Savage” and more. But like the 8th spot, it features a more Caribbean vibe which explains why “J Balvin” & “WizKid” are on this track and they do a nice job and “Offset” also does a decent job on this track too. Usually, I’d expect dark and grimy production from “Metro” so instead tries out a more unusual type of style.

5. Travis Scott – Dance On The Moon feat. Theophilus London & Paul Wall

This “Travis Scott” song is really under-appreciated because either fans have slept on it or they just straight up don’t like it because of the Electric Dancehall vibe it gives. I personally enjoy this EDM track because I feel like Travis should experiment with different sounds. This just reminds me of the trap version of “Swedish House Mafia”. Also, in my opinion it’s one of the best tracks from his SoundCloud mixtape “Owl Pharaoh”. It does run on for a while but I personally think this track does deserve more love.

4. Post Malone – Otherside

This is one of the best tracks from one of my favourite albums of 2018 “Beerbongs & Bentleys”. Also it’s another song from this list which doesn’t get enough love due to the fact it sounds different. Also, it sounds more mainstream pop which is a sound I personally dislike nor is it a sound I never thought “Post Malone” would ever do. But this is an exception since this mainstream pop sound is utilised well by “Post” because it sounds quite beautiful especially the harmonising and the chorus. Seriously I bet “Post” went through a lot when his ex-girlfriend ended their relationship.

3. Higher Brothers – Sunshine

Not a lot of you would have heard who “Higher Brothers” are and they’re a Chinese rap group from the underground rap scene. I feel like this rap group is really underrated in my opinion and I’d ought to check out their 2 projects “Black Cab” & “Five Star” which are really good and there are traces of different trap sounds. But they take it to the next level with this track which sounds summer-y (as the title suggests) and this features nice boom bap style beat from the 90’s and this formula creates a bright and upbeat track that I replay a lot.

2. Migos – What The Price

This song is from “Culture” which is one of my favourite trap albums and one of the best albums of 2017. “Culture” contains all sorts of different vibes using one particular “Atlanta” trap-style production. This track has strong and grimy sounding guitars which is an instrument I rarely heard “Migos” rap over and the bass drums really hit hard. Also the track doesn’t sound “quantity > quality” like a lot of “Migos” songs nowadays. Also all three rappers from the group do an impressive job with Offset delivering an impressive verse.

1. Slipknot – Snuff

I had to include this in number 1 because “Slipknot” usually opt for the more aggressive sounding heavy metal but this one takes a soft but heavy alt-rock route. Firstly it features tranquil acoustic guitars and smooth vocals from “Corey Taylor” then in the second half builds up into stronger guitars and drums. Also it’s well loved by Slipknot fans. This also makes it one of my favourite tracks from “Slipknot” because it’s nice to receive a new sound from this band instead of formulaic heavy metal (I still enjoy a couple of their heavy tracks) and that’s why this song is number one for me.

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