Avon Reviews - Tattoo Eyeliner

Avon Reviews - Tattoo Eyeliner

For someone that barely ever wears eyeliner, I thought writing a review would be pretty difficult. I’m a plain Jane, stick to the same, kinda girl. This eyeliner though... it’s perfect for me. It’s easy to use for an infrequent user, especially with the combined corrector! I love how this simple eyeliner can change your look instantly, which is why I now use it most days. Waking up for an early start, not feeling my best, the eyeliner whips me right into shape.

I recommend this tattoo eyeliner to anyone, whether it be someone who knows their make up well or a new starter to the world of make up. I didn’t think I would ever be an eyeliner lover yet here I am, never leaving for a weekend without it. 

I would score it a 4.5 out of 5.  


Having been an avid eyeliner user for 10+ years, my standards are pretty high when on the search for a new product to use. I liked the idea of the corrector end, as my morning tiredness often leads to mistakes! 

Overall, I was pretty disappointed with the Avon eyeliner – the consistency was quite thin, so it took a lot of ‘drawing’ to get a visible line. I prefer a brush-type applicator as a pen usually struggles to achieve the effect I want – this was no exception. The corrector end, however, was pretty efficient at removing the product; so points for that. 

For a subtle eyeliner look, this pen is probably the ideal candidate. But for me, I’ll stick to what I know and love! 3/5.


As a guy, I am not afraid to admit I love the world of makeup- it just fascinates me. So when I got asked to review Avon’s new Mark Tattoo Eyeliner, I jumped at the chance! 

Luckily for me I have always been a huge fan of eyeliner so I pretty much know what I am doing! This is perfect for everyday use, it is lovely and smooth with the added bonus of a corrector on the opposite end. Granted – it doesn’t get rid of all your mistakes however it is easy enough to cover up those imperfections without having to start all over. I would highly recommend this product, it gives those tired eyes the boost it needs! 5/5.


Right off the bat, this is one of the best eyeliners I have ever tried. I got the brown colour and it’s so pigmented compared to some of the other eyeliners I’ve tried. The colour is such a dark brown but it looks very soft and feminine. 

The first thing I did when the eyeliner arrived was do some swatches. The product came off very smoothly and was easy to control. Then I obviously had to test the correction pen that came with it. The pen was actually very easy to control. It took a clean mark directly out of the pigment without leaving any smudges. I was very impressed.

The final thing I did was to test the actual eyeliner on my eyes. I barely wear eyeshadow so I just tested it on my bare eyelid. The product lived up to all the expectations I had. It was very easy to apply and looked great. It also lasted around 3 hours on a hot day before it started to fade.

Overall I give it a solid 4/5.


This was my first time trying an Avon product and I was pleasantly surprised. I hear very mixed reviews about the company and was excited to try the eyeliner. I much prefer the pen style of liner than a pot or pencil, as it’s so easy to use and easy to control. This one was really handy because it has an eraser on the other end to clear up any mistakes made. Although the eraser doesn’t completely take away the product, it makes mistakes less noticeable. I used a brown shade and it’s lovely and subtle but makes the lash liner look fuller and thicker. Overall I’m very impressed and would try out more of their products! 4/5.


I decided the best time to try this eyeliner was just as I was going to bed – I have been caught out before, to attempt a liquid eyeliner on a weekday morning!  The product is double-ended; one is the liquid eyeliner and the other (a very handy) corrector. The colour is brown/black – which is the right shade for my
fair skin.  

The eyeliner is so easy to use, it goes on smoothly – takes a few times to build up – but I put this down to the user’s capabilities! The corrector does come in handy and with a very fine tip, helps to get the shape just right.  The line stays in place all day without a fading. A quick go-over, to create a thicker line in the evening – took the look quickly from day to night.

In short, I have used this product every day since it arrived, 5/5.


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