Avon Reviews - Lipstick

Avon Reviews - Lipstick

I don’t use Avon products much but trying this Mark epic lipstick in the shade coral burst I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. The formula was soft and not dry on the lips at all also it smells amazing. 

I’m not much of a lipstick wearer but I have found myself using this one quite often, it is perfect for the summer season! I do have pale skin and blonde hair so I find that some shades tend to clash with my skin tone or hair shade, but this one actually complements it. 

I would 100% recommend this to others as I find Avon have done very well with this product. I will be looking into purchasing more of their products as I find they are great value for money.

I rate this product 4/5. 

Georgia Otto

I’ve never really worn a vibrant colour on my lips, I am a classic nude gloss kinda girl, so I was a little apprehensive when trying this bold lipstick. I thought it would be too bright for me, but I am shocked at how much I liked this product and it is actually a really nice spring/summer colour. The pigmentation is amazing and you only need to apply one coat of the lipstick for the colour to show. The product also feels super nice on. The creamy formula means it doesn’t dry down matte, it stays really glossy and shiny; it feels just like a lip balm. Unlike other lipsticks I have tried which feel quite dry, this one is really smooth and hydrating which makes it really easy to wear. I am pleasantly surprised. 4/5

Libby Dawson

I would always find when I purchased a lipstick it would either wear off within a couple of hours or just wouldn’t be the right fit for me. The Marc Lipstick from Avon however has become my new go to lipstick from here on out. I love the fact that it lasts throughout the day and the Coral Burst colour is the perfect shade to allow you to change your look from day to night instantly. Straight away it changes your mood, with the bright colour it really makes its mark. This Avon has completely exceeded my expectations and I would happily purchase more. 

Laura Allum 

I was impressed with how easy the lipstick was to apply and the coverage. It stayed on my lips for a surprisingly long time before starting to wear off. Even after it started to wear off, you could still see it on my lips. This colour lipstick would be perfect for somebody who loves wearing bright colours. I prefer paler, nude colours so the colour personally wasn’t for me. If somebody is looking for a lipstick which is long lasting and vibrant, then this is the one for them

Eleanor Adcock

Having previously used many Avon products, I was asked to try a lipstick called Mark, Epic Lip. The colour was a bit bright and vibrant to the one that I normally use, Coral Burst, however I found that it did feel and look thicker and went on very smooth. 

I always find that lipsticks do not stay on for very long but this did stay for some time and when applied was a great coverage and my lips felt quite moisturised with a Creamy feel.  I also noticed it was quite smudge proof which is great for longer lasting lip wear. I think I will have a look at other colours from Avon for this lipstick as I really liked its overall ability to stay put and feel like a lip balm. Overall score 4/5  

Christine Starling

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