The Movie Edit: Stranger Things

The Movie Edit: Stranger Things

If you are a fan of Stranger Things like me, then you will know that July 4th marks the highly anticipated release of Stranger Things Season 3! To honour this important occasion (which we have been waiting for since October 2017 when season 2 was released) I have put together a lookbook encapsulating the style of the main characters from the first two seasons. Having rewatched them in preparation for Stranger Things 3 and this article, I’d definitely recommend doing so as it is really interesting to reflect back on how much each character has changed and developed throughout the seasons, as well as all of the foreshadowing and subtle hints in earlier episodes (such as in S1E1 when the boys are playing Dungeons and Dragons and Will says “the Demogorgon got me”). On a second watch you can really focus more on the characters personal attributes and emotions as you are less focused on the mystery element.

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown)

Although Millie herself is quite fashionable, Eleven as a character is dressed quite obscurely throughout most of season 1 & 2 (partly due to Hopper’s attempts to dress her) resulting in feminine outfits which contrast her overtly androgenous look. 

  • The iconic ruffled pink dress with white Peter Pan collar and blue bomber jacket

  • Blue denim dungarees with a loose grey t shirt and black converse

  • A muted blue dress with puffy ½ sleeves and a pink belt (Snow Ball dance)

Will (Noah Schnapp)

While Will spends a lot of time looking dishevelled as he battles between the upside down and Hawkins, he actually dresses the most plain and ‘normal’ of the kids, matching his introverted but humble personality, and also allowing him to avoid unwanted attention.

  • He usually sports a classic checked flannel shirt and a lighter-wash straight leg denim jean

  • One of his most recognisable pieces is the bright red and yellow body warmer which he wore in S1 E1, The Vanishing of Will Byers

Mike (Finn Wolfhard)

From always looking out for his friends, to accepting Eleven into his care when they find her while looking for Will, Mike is portrayed as caring and courageous throughout. 

  • Polo Shirts 

  • Ringer tees

  • Brown suit jacket, grey jumper 

Dustin (GateN Matarazzo) 

For me, Dustin is such a loveable character – portraying a protective peacekeeper within the group. In a true 80s style, he incorporates lots of bright blocks of primary colour into his outfits, almost standing out as the most uniquely dressed of all the boys.

  • Baseball cap

  • Block colour ringer tees 

  • Hoodies

  • Bow tie, blue pinstripe article

Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin)

Lucas is always portrayed as being ready for combat, sporting practical attire army camo colours as if he was awaiting the attack of the demogorgon any day. Even during less serious situations, Lucas is portrayed as rational and practical, often making the group step back and think about what to do next.

  • Striped Jumpers

  • Camo headbands

  • Red Cord and Shearling Jacket

Max (Sadie Sink)

Despite her sassy nature and fiery red hair, Max is really just a misunderstood and troubled girl with an equally casual tomboyish vibe. Although she originally is more withdrawn from the group when she’s introduced in season 1, her vulnerabilities are slowly revealed allowing her to step up and protect the group when needed. 

  • Pastel colours, especially yellow 

  • Classic Adidas hoodies (burgundy and green)

  • Green Vans 

Steve (Joe Keery) 

From the start of Stranger Things Steve was always shown as a dislikeable character but his insecurities and emotions cause him to develop into having a responsible role in season 2. His style is classically 80s, with a brown, beige and grey colour tone. 

  • Harrington Jackets

  • Turtlenecks

  • Brown leather jacket

Nancy (Natalia Dyer)

Nancy progresses from being a focused, intelligent student into an almost rebellious, dedicated part in unlocking the secrets of the Upside Down. She dresses well – elegant but casual and practical. 

  • Cashmere knits 

  • Straight Leg Trousers 

  • Delicate blouses (especially in pink)

  • Sherpa trucker jacket 

Barb (Barbara Holland) 

Although Barb is only around for a few episodes in series 1 (#Justice4Barb), her unique, preppy and quirky dress sense is definitely worth a mention. 

  • Wide frame glasses 

  • Light coloured quilted jacket

  • Pie crust blouses 

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