Consent, Consent, Consent

Consent, Consent, Consent

As Sexual Health Week 2019 is approaching (16th - 22nd September) we thought it would be a good idea to reflect upon last year’s Sexual Health Week in preparation.

Last year, the awareness week, hosted by The Family Planning Association (FPA) saw the theme of Consent: Yes, Yes, Yes! A campaign looking at how consent is much wider than just saying no. The week reinforced the need to listen, negotiate and agree.

Topics for discussion included looking at ways consent can be negotiated as well as tips for health professionals, parents and teachers. 

In addition, there was a great survey done which revealed that 38% of people learnt about consent from TV and film. To give you further food for thought, the FPA compiled a consent test where you can check your favourite films against.

A film passes the FPA consent test if:. 

  • There is no coercion involved: violence, threat, pressure, asking multiple times until they say yes (persistence).

  • None of the characters involved are intoxicated. 

  • None of the characters are underage.

  • Each of the characters involved are giving verbal and non-verbal cues that they want to have sex.

Have a think about your favourite film... does it pass the test?

To help you out, the FPA have shared some examples of good and less than good negotiations! You can find the full article at: 


  • Frozen – Kristoff embraces Anna with a hug and says ‘I could kiss you!’, before asking consent ‘I mean I’d like to. May I, may we?’. Anna verbally confirms. Thumbs up from us!

  • 10 Things I Hate About You – Patrick drives Kat home after she gets too drunk at a party. When she leans in for a kiss, he stops her as she is too intoxicated to give consent. 

  • Scott Pilgrim vs the World – The bedroom scene between Scott and his girlfriend Ramona, comes to a close when Ramona states that she has changed her mind. Scott is incredibly respectful of the decision. 

Less than good:

  • Goldfinger (James Bond) – In a scene with Pussy Galore, Bond corners and prevents Galore from leaving a barn. After Pussy verbalises to Bond that she’s not interested, he grabs her arm and physically wrestles her to the ground, before forcing a kiss on her lips. No thank you!

  • The Notebook – A film that is considered one of the most iconic love stories. However, this film sees Noah pressure an uninterested Ally to go on a date with him, even threatening her if she says no.

  • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – There are a couple of uneasy moments throughout the film between Han Solo and Princess Leia, one shows her being flung into his lap in the spaceship during a bout of turbulence. Princess Leia asks three times for Han Solo to let go of her to which his response is “sorry sweetheart, I don’t have time for anything else’. Charming.

Sexual Health Week 2019

As previously mentioned, Sexual Health Week 2019 takes place from Monday 16 September to Sunday 22 September. The theme of the week is making sexual health inclusive. 

The FPA’s website reads:
“As society shifts and changes, we’ve become more aware that not all sexual health services and information are suitable for everyone’s needs. We’re looking forward to exploring this important topic in-depth this year and hope that it will encourage greater inclusivity across the sector. 


We know that sexual health and education professionals have a huge amount of knowledge and expertise to share on this subject – but also a lot to learn from one another.” 

Join the conversation online with the hashtag: #SHW19

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