'Bag It Up' For Summer

'Bag It Up' For Summer

I’m a huge bag lover, as a fashionista I have many different colours, shapes and sizes to suit every outfit and occasion all year round! This time of the year, we all hope we are able to ditch our day to day working bags to a much more casual and brighter bag attire for the summer holidays and into the coming autumn months.

High Streets and boutiques offer so many styles and brands to suit every budget, however it’s a minefield of choice out there so I would like to guide you through the conveyor belt of options that are with us this season. 

It’s always worth investing in a new summer bag when the weather warms up. Accessories are essentials so they should change with the rest of your seasonal wardrobe. As you swap out heavier winter fabrics for lightweight linens and cotton, you should switch out your bags too. That trusty leather tote you relied on throughout winter – it’ll weigh down your dresses and suits and dull those spring florals. 

With summer comes warmer days, lighter evenings and as a result, al fresco lunches and dinners – your outfit should reflect this change. So, downsize and pack light – bulky bags are no fun in a heatwave, plus mini bags are the next big thing. Swap black for warm brown tones and introduce earthy materials like straw, bamboo and wood into your wardrobe. If one bag is more than enough, we’ve thrown in a few options that will work well in winter too!

Fashion Candy Style Bag Edit

Just because summer is here, doesn’t mean you have to step out of your comfort zone. If brights or florals feel daunting to wear, the easiest way to add colour to outfits is with accessories. When it comes to bags, the bolder the better. However, for longevity, this season’s neon hues are something more grown up – think tangerine, fuchsia or mustard yellow. Smart leather options will work day-to-night and all year round, too. Let yours add a pop of colour to work suits, black knitwear and even head-to-toe linen
looks on holiday.



Oversized Bags

Big bags are here to stay this season, fitting our whole make up bag, phone charger, diary, laptop and so much more!

Multi Strap Bags/Cross Body Bags

There are many different strap styles – from harness and front worn styles to single straps, there are loads to choose from.

Ring Handle Bags

The decorative ring was moved from the body to the top to function as a handle and major eye candy. The circular handles are the defining feature, but the size and shape of bags varies greatly with traditional rectangles, half-moons, fold-over styles and oblong shapes all being featured.

Bucket Bags

Safe to say this style of bags has become rather mainstream and remains a staple in almost every woman’s wardrobe making it a timeless piece. 



Depending on your lifestyle, it could be a smart backpack for business or University, a rugged companion for weekend pursuits or a training buddy for your gym kit. For an everyday pack or commuter bag, adjustable air mesh straps will keep things comfortable while practically anything but canvas will keep things dry. Look for a padded layer to keep the contents from jamming in your back.

Cross body bags

There are two things to bear in mind here: dimensions and styling. Size matters in this case because you could buy a cross-body bag not much bigger than a billfold wallet, or a shoulder one that’s as big as a messenger bag. Work out what you want to transport and go from there. Then, the look. You can opt for loud colours and big logos and use the bag as a true fashion accessory or keep it in the background with a pared-back monochrome option. In either case, access is key so look for easy-to-reach zippers.

Messenger bags

Until recently these bags were still synonymous with paperboys and sloppy, middle-aged commuters. As such the modern messenger bag keeps its utility but adds some aesthetics. Great for transporting laptops, paperwork and the odd lunchbox, keeping your hands free as you do it.

Unisex Bag Trends

Now if there’s one bag you buy this season, make it a belt bag. We’ve seen it around so many waists this winter and don’t expect this look to disappear anytime soon. This petite purse is so practical, you’ll probably wear it well into the summer months too.  

This summer brings bags of style so indulge and enjoy.

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