Songs of the Summer

Songs of the Summer

It’s that time of year where music fans from across the world select their favourite songs of the summer. Here is a list of mine; there may be a few songs not many of you have heard of but it’s good to bring something new to the table. 

10.  Smokepurrp – Repeat

This song has a happy and powerful beat that has plenty of colour. Also, I like the way Smokepurrp says some of the lines in a comedic tone. I just purely listen to this song when I’m having a good time, which is another reason why it’s a part of this list.

9.  Yungblud – Loner

Probably the least rap focused song on this list but it still has plenty of pleasure to offer during the course of its runtime. It’s essentially a song about how he wants to get over certain people and I can relate to this stuff. Like a lot of summer songs, it’s got that ideal motivation to have fun in the sun.

8.  Lil Nas X – Rodeo feat. Cardi B

This was my favourite song of the “7” EP in my opinion and he is known for his unique combination of country and trap. I love this track because it has those country rap elements displayed brilliantly. I also love the auto-tune vocals Lil Nas uses and Cardi B’s savage verse. I also love the western vibe this track gives off perfectly. I’d recommend this song if you’re planning on having a party across the beach.

7.  Rich Brian – Kids

This is one of the more unknown tracks on this list; Rich Brian is a rapper from Indonesia who I replay often. This is supposed to be a motivating song and even Brian himself stated, “To me, ‘Kids’ is an anthem… a victory song” and I can see where he is coming from. I would recommend this song for the summer for two things; when you finish your GCSE’s or when you simply have fun in the sun.

6. AJ Tracey – Necklace feat. Jay Critch

This track features a more melodic sound from UK rapper AJ Tracey and I like the acoustic guitars in the background. Also, the song is insanely catchy and has a beautiful and positive vibe to the track. It sounds like a mainstream US hip hop track due to the fact Jay Critch is on this track and he’s American. Another track you could consider on your playlist.

5.  Rico Nasty – Roof

This is a really energetic song with a quick paced guitar hook. There are some pretty creative and funny lines on this track. This is also coupled with an excellent flow and charisma. The chorus also adds catchiness. After all Energy = Good Song For The Summer.

4.  Lil Skies – Breathe

This is my favourite song of his album Shelby because it sounds notably different to the other songs because of the aquatic vibe and how beautifully the hook is auto-tune sung. I could imagine myself listening to this song while swimming along the beach waters or having a pool party with my friends. I just purely like the melody of this song which is a perfect melody for my favourite season. 

3.  Juice WRLD – Fast

In this song, Juice WRLD opts for softer singing as well as a summery guitar instrumental which sounds like something off a Disneyland Paris advert. Seriously, whenever I hear this song, I imagine myself on a rollercoaster. I mean, certain people often spend their summer in theme parks so that’s why it’s high on this list.

2.  Denzel Curry – Ricky

Denzel really does have consistency on his side. This song has a motivational and inspiring message about Denzel’s family and explains his lifestyle and his influences. This was described by Genius as “energetic” and they’re not wrong. The production is lively and exotic coupled with crazy rapping and flows. This is a well-crafted and skilled summer banger of mine.

1.  Tyler The Creator – I Think

This has to be number one because it’s got a blissful production which builds up to a fun atmosphere and discusses the themes of love. I also like how Tyler maintains this lush production with a really strong verse. This is also my favourite song from my favourite album of 2019 so far which is Igor. This really is one great song.

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