Stepping into Autumn/Winter 2019

Stepping into Autumn/Winter 2019

How to wear next season right now.

I love the summer, however I look forward to a new season of autumn/winter fashion. Outside it might be summery still but inside the shops, it’s beginning to look a lot like autumn. Some of us will be craving a wardrobe refresh and slightly confused as to how to transition our wardrobes - you just need to be a bit fashion savvy. Summer isn’t over just yet but with cosy yarns and stylish coats beginning to fill the shop floors, our desire for autumn/winter fashion is becoming more difficult to resist.

In the fashion world, August marks the onset of autumn. So while temperatures in the UK continue to hover around the mid-20s, our favourite shops are already preparing for the brisk months ahead. If you find yourself yearning to splash your cash on some new-season garb, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to get your cold-weather fashion fix while simultaneously staying cool.

The trick here is to embrace the notoriously tricky transitional period and invest in autumn/winter trends that will work both now and as the golden autumn leaves begin to fall. Autumn/winter has a way of sneaking up, just as you’re enjoying those last beach days and poolside chill sessions - suddenly, the frantic search for a cute winter jacket or pair of snow boots leads to some regrettable last-minute purchases. 

Snap out of summer mode for a brief minute and brush up on the fall 2019 fashion trends. Start adding these pieces to your wish list and you’ll be ahead of the game when September comes around. 

For 2019, the autumn/winter catwalk shows presented a vast array of trends that can be sported ahead of the new season’s arrival, from the return of punk-inspired plaid and puffer coats to fresh and exciting colour combinations. I don’t think I have ever seen so many trends! Although at least we have a varied, vast diverse range of trends to suit everyone’s style –
if you are a minimalist there is so much to love, if you are a maximalist this is a great time for you too! Nevertheless, if they’re totally new or tried and tested, the sheer number of trends that emerge at once means updating your wardrobe can be a real head-spinner.

I’ve rounded up my pick of the best autumn/winter 2019 trends that you can wear now, safe in the knowledge that they are not going out of style anytime soon.


Top Colours 


Olive is a slightly austere take on the colour green since it brings to mind military fatigues. In the fall/ winter 2019 colour trends, this shade works almost like a neutral and is utterly wearable for just about anyone.


Galaxy Blue is a royal shade that one can easily get lost in, as it is reminiscent of the greater galaxy or perhaps the deep ocean. It is the perfect primary colour and works well with the fall 2019 trends. 


Wine tones are perfect for the cooler season as they add depth and richness to a look without clashing with the colder weather.


Hazel - a mellow brown that has a hint of peach. This colour is especially lovely in earth-toned colour schemes, combined with either darker browns or lighter beiges.


Purple is an understated colour that is not too dark or light and leans just slightly towards a cool tone. It’s a wonderful accent to all of the blues that made it on the runways this season, but it could also be paired with yellows and neutrals.

Don’t forget the yellows, mustards, neon and frosted greys to put into the mix.


  • Puffed Sleeves

  • Baggy Trousers

  • Capes

  • Asymmetrical necklines

  • Shackets (shirt/jacket)

  • Supersized Bags

  • Waist Belts

  • Slouched Boots


  • Checked Outerwear

  • Printed Shirts

  • Monochrome

  • Colour pop layers

  • Light wash denim

  • Hoodies

  • Oversized Scarves

  • Suede Boots

Embrace the Autumn/Winter trend and stay stylish and warm!

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