Sundown Festival - My Own Experience

Sundown Festival - My Own Experience

I was one of the students selected to attend Sundown and interview artists on behalf of Student Life. I couldn’t believe I had been chosen at first. Nerves quickly set in when we had to begin to prepare for interviews and we learnt that we will be in the photo pits taking the pictures for the articles.

There were two huge highlights of my day. The first was that I got to interview Maleek Berry and Sammy Porter. The second was being in the photo pits. Tinie Tempah was on stage singing Miami 2 Ibiza and there I was, at the front, capturing the moment.

It has been my dream to be able to review festivals for quite a few years now. I always imagined myself behind the scenes interviewing artists and trying to get the scoop first. When I finished University, I set up my own online music magazine. However, taking such a huge step after finishing a degree was very difficult and eventually, I decided I needed to have a break before taking such large steps in my journalism career. 

When given this opportunity, I knew the time was right to start writing again. It was truly a dream come true and I am so grateful to Student Life for choosing me and enabling me to have my second chance at music journalism. It’s now given me the push to get back to developing my dreams.

Maleek Berry

We spoke to Maleek Berry after his performance about his experiences as a student and his upcoming releases. Maleek is a London based artist and producer who has just released his new singles Turn Me On and Flashy. He studied Computer Science at University after deciding that he wanted to study something challenging. When asked about this huge changeover from computer science to Music producing, Maleek explained that he had started producing when he was 14 and was always working in the industry. It was only once he was at university that he started to learn how to play the piano from YouTube video’s and then it began to get more serious from there.

This is the first time that Maleek has performed at a show like this and people like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams are his inspiration to help him continue with his dream. At times, it has been difficult to do this especially when he was transitioning from a producer to an artist. Originally, he was met with a lot of resistance and told to keep producing but that hasn’t stopped him and it’s taken off from there.

When asked, Maleek’s advice to any students is to “Write down all your goals so that you can dream it into existence and manifest it.” I don’t think we could have said it better ourselves. We will be eagerly waiting for the next single or potentially an album by Maleek soon.

Sammy Porter

After studying Engineering at University, Sammy Porter quickly realised that DJing was the job for him. He first became interested in DJing when he was working at a bar and the DJ didn’t turn up so he decided to take over the decks himself.

Sammy has been working in Ibiza for a few years now and had many stories to share about his experiences in this party destination. The most memorable is when he was asked to DJ at a club called High in a toilet. He turned down this offer as he didn’t believe that it would take off. It is now a massive DJ opportunity in Ibiza and this is an opportunity he sadly regretted not taking up on. It goes to show that it is always worth experimenting with abstract ideas.

Whilst the festival season may be over, the party season continues in Ibiza with Sammy booked to DJ at Eden and Ocean Beach. Admittedly, the best place he’s played is Ushuaia which is the biggest beach club in Ibiza.

We asked Sammy what the best advice would be to give to students or aspiring musicians. He advised that production is now really important and if you can’t get booked then the best thing you can do is to put your own night on.

Working with Liz Dawson, Sammy released his track Talking Like Friends in February. He revealed that we should expect a new track hopefully by the end of the month and that it will be featuring one of the artists that was at Sundown over the weekend. We will be sure to keep our ears open for it!

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The Sundown Festival

The Sundown Festival