Kesgrave High School is proud of its inclusive structure, its broad and balanced curriculum and it has been designated both a National Teaching School and National Maths Hub.

We are thoroughly committed to providing the best educational experience possible, the chance to explore the arts, to study a range of STEM and Humanities subjects, experience a wide range of sports and ensure all students are prepared for further study or the world of work. 

Kesgrave High School is proud to be ‘more than just a school’. From the schools inception in 1931 with 180 students under the Headmaster Captain Harrison, the school has always tried to ensure the whole child is educated, not merely to be an exam factory. Now in 2017 we have 1830 students on roll and it could not be a more exciting time to be a student here. We are proud to serve the local community, are regularly oversubscribed (we normally have over 700 applications for 280 places) and we have over 900 students and staff cycle to school each day. 

At Kesgrave we trust our pupils and nurture positive relationships giving them complete access to the school site at all times. As a result, the ‘responsibility and behaviour of students is excellent. They are polite, courteous and are a credit to the school.’ (Ofsted 2013)