Ably assisted by Beauty Blogger – Rosie May, we feature all aspects of beauty and students are invited to contact us to submit their stories, tips, tricks, real-life experiences and more.  We also tackle the issue of body-image and watch this space for exciting news on expert advice in this key subject.


Ably assisted by Fashion Expert – Pam Davis, we feature all aspects of fashion and students are invited to contact us to submit their stories, tips, tricks, real-life experience and more.  Pam will be on hand to discuss all things relating to the world of fashion and will not duck out of the more controversial side of the industry e.g. size zero and plus size modelling.


Student bank accounts, savings, gap years, part-time work and the minefield that is Student Finance; we discuss all matters that affect life as a student.  Shopping & living on a budget feature prominently throughout our articles and you are invited to contact us, to share your stories.


Mental, Physical & Sexual health are topics that students are contacting us about on a daily basis.  We have experts in all of these fields, including local mental health charity Suffolk Mind and we invite students to help us reduce the stigma of being open & honest about all aspects of their health.  We are developing a mental health film and this will feature online as soon as possible.


We live in a tech-hungry world and students are invited to share their recommendations and their frustrations with all things tech.  Tell us what has been invaluable to you throughout your education and tell us what gadgets you would like to see in the future, to assist learning.


It’s not all about the Gap Year, but that’s not a bad place to start!  Tell us about your travel plans, the timing of the decision to take some time-out and the planning involved.  We also love stories about family holidays and tips on where to go on a Staycation or further afield.