Here at Student Life, we recognise how important mental health is and very quickly, you as writers, made us aware of how keen you were to write about this subject. 

Therefore, we decided that it would be fantastic to have a dedicated subsection to this very topic within our magazine. This is a little message to update you guys on our progress, development and plans for our website. As the mental health sub-section is newly established, we are working on perfecting our print version before we transfer this over here to our website. Because of this we would like to let you know that the mental health section of our website is currently under construction.

However, don’t despair! We wouldn’t want to take away your access to the articles within this section and are pleased to confirm that they are still available to read. You can access these via the digital version of the magazine, available NOW on this site.  Or you can access articles via the tab “articles” and then “health”.

Thank you for your patience!