We are working on a current trial project with Kesgrave High School 6th Form, the University of Suffolk and most recently now involving Parkside Academy. 

The workshop will introduce students to; the concept of working on all aspects of a print & digital magazine, writing content and engaging in core topics/areas - specifically mental health/emotional wellbeing/body image.  The workshop will include a film, produced and shot at the High School.

Workshop film

‘Out of the Dark & In to the Light’ is a proposed short film.  The draft script is currently broken down as follows (although involved students are expected to have major input):

  • Opening screen of text with statistics relating to mental health, with background music
  • Next screens of text addressing the negative word ‘mental’ and replacing it with ‘emotional wellbeing’
  • Next scene shows a man in silhouette, discussing/looking back on his adolescent years and stating that he wishes that the openness that exists today was the case when he was younger
  • Next scene sees the still anonymous man being joined by other people (students) in silhouette
  • The students then all take it in turn to say a piece about their own emotional wellbeing experiences growing up in and/or out of the school/college/uni environment
  • We then want to remove the silhouettes slowly, to reveal the students all accompanying our Editor (as the figure from the earlier scene) and all taking it in turn to explain what Student Life is about in relation to joining likeminded students to evolve a medium for writing about and normalising emotional wellbeing

Workshop (stage 2)

Subject to a few factors including feedback on content & funding – delivering the workshop throughout 6th Forms & Colleges in Ipswich.  Thereafter, the expectation is to deliver the workshop to educational facilities (academic years 12 & 13 and above) throughout Suffolk.